Katherine’s Earthy Goodies Ginger Tonic

Direct from Sugar Hill, GA USA – introducing Katherine’s Earthy Goodies Ginger Tonic Immunity Booster. While the name may be quite a mouthful, this tonic is made with all natural ingredients that lives up to it’s locally made label. The creator of this tonic is Paula, my sister-in-law. She started out making this for her daughter,Continue reading “Katherine’s Earthy Goodies Ginger Tonic”

Nuts About Nuts

This nut bar is the perfect snack, dessert, or side. Full of metabolism boosting and brain fueling coconut oil and cacao nibs, enzyme rich honey, and nuts and seeds full of minerals, fiber, and protein to fuel your body and support healthy skin, goji berries as anti inflammatory and for glowing skin. And a handfulContinue reading “Nuts About Nuts”


HistoriA: El 16 de septiembre se festejan el dia de la independencia de méxico y el día internacional del guacamole. El guacamole o guacamol es una salsa mexicana preparada a base de aguacate y chile verde y cilantro. El nombre de guacamole proviene del nahuatl ahuacamolli traducido al español, que se compone de las palabrasContinue reading “HOLY GUACAMOLE!”

Chocolate, the superfood – nutritious and delicious!

Chocolate is the most popular treat in the world. According to the World Cocoa Foundation, more than 3 million tons of cocoa beans are consumed worldwide every year. Not only does chocolate make you feel good, it’s also excellent for your health. A little bit of history: chocolate is made from the fruit of theContinue reading “Chocolate, the superfood – nutritious and delicious!”

For the love of … Malbec

I took the time during quarantine to really enjoy my favorite wine varietal, Malbec. Following the doctors’ orders, I had a glass everyday. 😉 Argentine Malbecs are know to have a rich balance of acidity and tannins, making them a crowd pleaser. A few characteristics are a deep red or purple hue, fruit-forward, and aromasContinue reading “For the love of … Malbec”