Tone, Tone, Toner

I’ve always been a fan of the Thayer’s brand rose petal toner. It smells like a fresh bouquet of roses and it’s soothing and gentle on the skin. It was recently brought to my attention that Thayer’s now has a lemon scented blemish clearing toner. This lemon scented toner has Tea Tree Oil and AloeContinue reading “Tone, Tone, Toner”


The way I see it, Cancer is an unspoken emotion manifesting itself and if there is no space to show you it’s grieving it will not let you go easily. So if one day it comes to visit, my advice will be to sit with it and listen. Listen with compassion, like you will aContinue reading “STRONG, POWERFUL and CANCER FREE”

In the search for natural or clean beauty products – Deodorant

A couple of years ago, I started looking into having a cleaner diet. It’s not that I was eating badly, I always ate lots of fruits and vegetables, I just wanted to really know what type of ingredients I was consuming. I would do research on what food brands are better, green, organic, etc. YouContinue reading “In the search for natural or clean beauty products – Deodorant”

Pumpkin Spice Enzyme Mask

It’s fall everyone, and everything pumpkin is in season. I enjoy all things pumpkin. Pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin-flavored pancakes, pumpkin ice cream, and a really good pumpkin enzyme mask. Here is a recipe for a pumpkin enzyme mask that is sure to leave you glowing!  Here’s what you need:  ¼ cup of pumpkin puree 1Continue reading “Pumpkin Spice Enzyme Mask”

Vi Peel Part 2

Hello everyone, I have completed my summer travels and couldn’t wait to book the appointment with Lavender Skin Bar for my second Vi Peel. Upon arrival, I was greeted promptly and escorted into the facial room. Being that this was my second treatment I knew what to expect. My skin was cleansed and prepped thenContinue reading “Vi Peel Part 2”

Full Moon Ritual Oil

We celebrate the Full Corn Moon (the last one of the summer) and Coconut Day by sharing a wonderful and moisturizing body oil. It contains a lot of energy and intentions; each ingredient is mindfully added. You can use this oil during meditation, practices, moon rituals or just because. This particular batch has specifically beenContinue reading “Full Moon Ritual Oil”

Tasha’s Vi Peel Experience – First session

I’m usually pretty good with my skin care routine but I’ve noticed some hyper-pigmentation on different areas of my face. Although I’m an esthetician, I scheduled myself for a Vi Peel treatment over at Lavender Skin Bar. The Vi Peel is a chemical peel that is suitable for all skin types. Designed to improve theContinue reading “Tasha’s Vi Peel Experience – First session”