First Day Out

Since this whole pandemic madness shutdown, we have not been out. Parks, restaurants and beaches, all our favorite places have been closed. And not just that, it has not been safe to be around people even if we wanted to go out.

Then, this week all over the local news the day came for Miami residents. My friend Paula called me “The beach is open! Let’s go. My heart was beating fast. I screamed across the room “Mila! Put on your bathing suit, we are going to the beach!” She was the happiest girl in the entire world : )

We decide on Hollywood Beach and there we were immediately in the ocean breathing in the salt air with all our power and ready to rejuvenate. We waited 3 months to go back to our favorite place -the beach! Unbelievably, we were very close to sharks and a sting ray so we were very careful being in the water.

The smell of salty water and sand is one of my favorite smells.

We pack our essentials: Swimming vest Sunscreen – our favorite is Coppertone Water Babies 50 SPF Fruit, hummus & chips And of course, Mila’s favorite Empanadas.

I make Argentinian style empanadas, so in advance I like to prepare spinach empanadas for her to take to the beach.

Preparation: In a frying pan sauté onion, garlic, salt and pepper in olive oil until golden brown. Add spinach. When the spinach has fully wilted stir in the sour cream, mozzarella cheese, hard boiled egg and agave. Once the spinach is evenly coated with the cheese and sour cream, take off heat and leave to cool. At this point you can turn on the oven to 350F. When the filling is cool, half fill empanada discs with filling so you can fold the other half over. Press the 2 sides down to seal, pierce with a fork a few times on top. Bake for 20 minutes, done! They can be eaten hot, or at room temperature.

I hope everybody is able to enjoy the beach like we did.


An Excuse to Celebrate…. It’s Martini Day

We couldn’t pass up this day without creating a special Martini, could we?

Wild Summer 4 oz Hendricks Midsummer Solstice 1.5 oz Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice 2 tbls Wild Hibiscus Syrup 2 tbls *Honey Lemon Syrup 1 tbls Fresh Lemon Juice

Add ingredients into shaker, top ice, shake, strain, garnish and sip!

*Honey Lemon Syrup 50:50 honey and water, half lemon juiced, and it’s rind. Simmer gently for 5 minutes for thin syrupy consistency

Enjoy & drink responsibly : )

Inspiration; where and who

At the moment, photography has most of my focus. I’m not a specific niche photographer, as they say you should be so you can master your field. I see that, but that’s not what I do. I get inspired by a lot of things- texture, color, black and whites, nature, astro and food. When I look at a flower, I don’t just look at it, I look to see if it has anything unusual about it, does it have an insect on it, do the petals or the leaves have a pattern, does the light shining through the petals offer a different value to it? I’m not sure I look at a flower like the normal person.

Hands down my favorite subjects to shoot are insects and flowers. I LOVE MY MACRO LENSES – I use it for insect, flower and food shots. With this lens I can get amazing details up close and personal. I’m kind of a self taught photographer, I have gone to a few seminars and small group workshops. The key is to take a lot of photos, constantly and consistently. I’m constantly asking someone to model for me, cooking or making something to shoot. I shoot in raw 99% of the time. Lightroom is my first stop to editing, this is where I adjust lighting and colors. If I need to do more like add something to the photo or take something out or add overlays, I use Photoshop or Elements (which is a limited version of Photoshop), I have access to both.

In my camera bag I have 2 macro lenses and I shoot with Nikon D750:

Sigma 105mm 2.8

Nikon 85mm 1.3

Now, for me to learn all of this I go to my trusty team of favorite teachers online. I have watched a ton of different people but these ladies and gent are my go-to. They each give me something different and give me different inspirations. Oddly enough, I don’t have a go to for insects! You’ll find my favorite 3 teachers on YouTube, Instagram, and obviously their website:

The Bite Shot – Joanie has an easy approach to teaching you how to use your camera and lighting specifically for food photography. She’s cute, speaks like a normal person when teaching technical things. I also have signed up for her artificial light course, which I have learned a lot from. She’s very easy to understand. I think her and I could be besties!

For nature and the outdoors, and for my own eye candy – Peter McKinnon is my go to guy. He’s energetic, funny and did I mention cute? He jumps between photography and videography. He’s just a cool guy who drinks a lot of coffee and just does really cool stuff. I just love him! I wish we had dated in high school.

Sorrel Amore is my other go to. She has created ‘the advance selfie’ term, trust me, it goes beyond the duck face with the reached out arm. GO CHECK HER OUT! I love her stuff because she does the best self portraits, pushes the envelope and I love her edits. She’s Australian, 100% quirky and she could totally be fun to have cocktails with!!

Just a few of my macro shots; to see more check out my website.

Mackerel Skin; looks like a painting
Pink Peony
Mr. Dragonfly
A Cute Bee’s Butt

See you next post,


Crazy About Tasha

Welcome to Bondi Road Everyday!

My name is Tasha, and I’m a West Coast girl who enjoys living in sunny South Florida. All of my life I’ve been passionate about skincare, so I took the path to become an esthetician. Every time I see someone with beautiful glowing skin I can’t resist giving them a compliment. And before you know it, we’re swapping skin care regiments. There are so many products out there to achieve and maintain that sun-kissed glow. So, here, on Bondi Road Everyday I will be sharing some of my favorite products, daily regimes and tips on achieving that healthy glow from within.

Thank you for being part of us.

See you soon,


A little about Elisa


One of the hardest things to do is to talk about myself. I’m usually really shy and only open up to people once I get to know them better. But, after speaking with Alessa (the brain behind this idea) and the other ladies in the group, I decided sure why not! So here it goes …

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to a Brazilian mom and an Argentinian dad (I get asked frequently ‘how did that happen? LOL!). I feel really close to my family and friends, my twin sister is my BFF. I’ve traveled quite a bit to different countries and besides Buenos Aires, I lived in Brasilia, Los Angeles, and London. However, Miami is where I feel at home.

I love everything related to food and beverage, I have my favorites which I hope you will get to know through this blog. I’m also interested in getting to know people from different cultures and backgrounds … always up to learning something new (right now I’m into exercise and clean living). I listen to music and books everyday. I have such a big heart and will support all my friends in whatever their endeavours may be. I am a good listener, so if you need a shoulder to cry one you can count on me. Oh, and can’t forget to mention that I’m a total Malbec and coffee lover!

‘Till next time 🙂

Hello Gisella

Hello friends!

My name is Gisella, born in NYC but raised in Argentina. I’m Mila’s mom (Miss 3) my biggest challenge in my life, and a wifey for more than 10 years now (I can’t even believe it has been that long already!)

I love rainy days, sunset colors, taking pictures, cooking, dancing, going to the beach and any outdoor activity. All my activities include Mila, she really keeps me so busy that at the end of the day I can not believe how much I fit into one day.

All my life right now is about my daughter and for that reason I have been feeling lost about myself. I’m working really hard to find myself again and to find the light inside of me and be as bright as I can!

Here I am to contribute to the blog, my journey, how to keep a toddler busy and our life in colors, art and cooking,

Let’s have fun!


The Beginning and Baring All

Hi there, 
 I can’t believe I finally made this post – naked and all!
 I wanted to have this forum for me and a circle of girls to post on who we are, what our strengths are and what we love to do. Collectively we are a bunch of strong ladies and hope we can share our knowledge to elevate ourselves and have a ton of fun along the way.
As for my own posts – you’ll see what my hobbies are and to the best of my ability I will share as much knowledge on that craft as I know. I do a lot of crafts, but as a teacher? I’m not so confident! 
 On my list: Crochet, photography, cooking and cocktails, resin, acrylic pouring, sewing and general DIY stuff.
 About me? I’m a planner – I plan everything before I do it. It’s annoying and I am not spontaneous in any shape or form. I can’t say V.I.R.G.O any louder, I’m guilty.  I think I’m hilarious, and I like to drink. Or is it I drink and then I think I’m hilarious? You tell me : ) You will get to know me more the more I post. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia and grew up in Sydney, Australia with an Indonesian mother and an English father. I am well travelled, and to me there is nothing more self building than traveling alone, I love it. My international travels slowed down after getting married in 2003 and having our 2 kiddos (Maelin and Frankie), however, now we do a lot of road trips and I hope they will get the travel bug too.
 I planned the self portrait photoshoot (insert) a year prior for our trip to Georgia but being in Miami too long I thought at least Georgia would be warm and Sunny in March. Nope it was nearly snowing and we were camping. I was NOT going to be naked in the rain and freezing temperatures. Fast forward 18 months, this time in November, hubby wanted to see the leaves change color so we headed back to the same park in Georgia. It was perfect, sunny and warm enough to be naked, lol. I dragged my poor daughter to be my wing-chick should a hiker or a bear be approaching. Both would be scared seeing me in my birthday suit. I admit that I look a little crazy in a mermaid wig in the forest naked, I get it. Disclaimer, the photo is color adjusted but I have not been Photoshopped – wrinkles, cellulite and nipples galore. I’m not gonna lie, I’m happy with how this shoot turned out.😀
See you next post.

Black Rock Mountain State Park, Georgia 
Nikon D750, 50 mm 1.8, ISO 160, f3.2. 1/80 sec

Girls – let’s get on it! 
Shakiti, love and style,


Introducing Ana

Hi everyone!

 After many conversations with my friend Alessa about this new blog, she not only encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone, but also pulled me out of ‘excuses to how busy I was’ (even though I’m not doing so much at the moment with the obvious circumstances, hmmm thanks Covid 19). I finally took the time to write my post to tell you a little bit more about who I am.

 My name is Ana Bedoya, I was born in Colombia, raised in a culture of music, lots of holidays and family. We have a holiday pretty much every month and sometimes we don’t even know what holiday it is that we’re celebrating, lol. Christmas for us is a celebration that starts on December 1st and lasts until January. It is a time where everything gets transformed with lights and lots of happiness all around!

 When I was 16 years old I moved to New York with my family and you can just imagine how my world changed. I lived there for 10 years. where I pretty much learned to be strong and independent. I also learned about food, oh God! so many more flavors than what I was used to. I learned about design, art and culture, and my love to travel began. Every year I try to go somewhere new, eat something different and experience all these fascinating places around the world. I am also a Gemini so creativity plays a big role in my life, I am constantly thinking of ideas, plans, possible business opportunities, hobbies, you name it! And of course this is how I became friends with Alessa ; ) having conversations and sharing all these creative ideas all the time.

 I developed a swimsuit line, although I learned about business a lot, I also lost my interest for the industry, with how fast fashion is changing and the dynamic of this business. Majority of people do not really appreciate quality and all the hard work that goes into it. So here I am looking for new ideas and trying to find a path that gives freedom to my life and a lot of self gratitude.

 I hope to bring the blog some information and tips of my new hobbies – lifestyle, floral and interior design. Also day to day inspirations, and ideas. We will all learn and get inspired together!
Stay tuned ; )