Hey everyone, If you’ve been following my post then you probably already know that I’m doing a series of 3 Vi Peels. I’ve received 1 out of 3 peels. After spending the majority of my time outdoors while traveling, it only made sense that I hold off on the next two. I’ll continue when my summer travels are over.  I began searching for a product that would help maintain the results of the  Vi Peel.  A product that would protect and hydrate my skin. While scrolling through Instagram I came across a girlfriend’s photo and her skin looked amazing. It appeared smooth and hydrated with a nice glow, and you know how I feel about a glowing complexion!  I sent out a text complementing her skin and asked what she was using because her skin looked so great. My friend mentioned that her skin was given a boost and that Botox was no longer a desire. She noticed her skin had become more even toned with less fine lines. She spoke highly of the product and suggested that I give it a try, so I did!  After going online and ordering rush delivery the package arrived and it was love at first sight.


It came in this really cute tube that you twist as you use the product. It’s a balm, which I’ve never used on my face before. As my face was already cleansed and toned, VILÓT face balm was applied and I was sold. The balm glided on smooth and gave  a sense of dewiness all over.  As I massaged the balm in, I could feel the moisturizing effect right away. After a few weeks, I’ve noticed that my skin constantly feels hydrated .  My acne scars and dark pigmented areas are lighter, my skin feels more firm, smile lines have softened, and my glow is radiating! VILÓT face balm is my #1 most used product.  At this point I’m probably over using it, I love it that much!  But it’s not just me.  One weekend a girlfriend came to visit and expressed that she was burned while laying out on the beach. I gave her the VILÓT face balm to use and she immediately felt relief. It aided in the recovery and healing of her sunburn. Before flying back home, my friend made sure that her VILÓT face balm made the trip. 

VILÓT  is made with some very effective ingredients like Jojoba Oil, which is rich in Vitamins E and B along with minerals and antioxidants .

This amazing balm also has Calendula and Evening Primrose which help with dryness wrinkles swelling and redness.  My favorite ingredient is the Gotu Kola which is also called the herb of longevity. Gotu Kola helps with the skin’s healing process by improving blood circulation and also increases collagen production.  


Now I’m doing what my girlfriend did for me and I’m suggesting that you give it a try! Who doesn’t want a fabulous face balm that boost collagen, helps with premature aging of the skin, and is anti-inflammatory? It reduces the healing time from bruises and acne scars, fades away dark spots and fine lines, and enhances your complexion with an illuminating glow, all while hydrating and protecting your skin. Who could ask for more?

My girlfriend Alessa (photo above) also tried VILÓT. Look at the luminous glow of her skin! (no makeup at all)

Here’s the deal…….

I’ve reached out to the creative owner of VILÓT and we have a great deal for all of our readers. 

Log on to Vilótskin.com and use code bondiroadeveryday at checkout to receive a 20% discount.  You will  also find other amazing products from Vilótskin.com and grab access to the Vilót Skin Blog. 

Once you receive your very own VILÓT face balm please leave a comment telling me all about your experience with VILÓT. 

Discount code: bondiroadeveryday

I hope you’ll enjoy the VILÓT face balm as much as I do!

Thanks for reading!


My favorite places for plant hunting.

Plants for me are a key part when it comes to home decoration. They bring life, color, good vibes and a warm touch to any space. I believe they even have super powers; like cleaning up spaces, absorbing bad energy and bringing good luck, they can even help you change your mood, or at least for me they do. But when it comes to buying them sometimes it can be overwhelming or confusing, specially if you are new to the subject; therefore, I decided to share my favorite places in Miami to buy plants, and start your journey with this amazing gifts that mother nature has blessed us with.

First of all you have to keep in mind where are you putting your plants. It can be common sense for some, but I am pretty sure that not everyone knows this so it is worthwhile to mention. Keep in mind if it is for an indoor or for an outdoor space, if it is a place with a lot of light, humid or dry. All of this factors will indicate how healthy and beautiful your plants will grow and also their longevity.

For cactus and succulents I highly recommend Isaac Farms, @isaacfarms and they are located in Homestead, FL. It is a lovely farm that specializes in a variety of cactus and beautiful succulents, they have very affordable prices, and plants that you have never seen before. I highly recommend to have a cactus plant in your home, they not only bring an unique touch and look to your place, but they are a natural air purifier, absorbing carbon dioxide at night and releasing oxygen, helping you and your family with allergies and keeping your home maintain fresh clean air. They also reduce radiation so putting them next to a TV or computer will be the perfect place for them.

Driving around Homestead I also discovered this farm called Georgie’s Paradise, @georgiesparadise. It is a lovely place filled with plants for outdoor and indoor spaces, they have fruit trees for those lucky enough to have a backyard. We went there looking for an indoor plant, and the staff was super helpful and knowledgeable. They have very exotic plants, it feels like a mini version of a jungle.

Purple Sword

Looking around their aisle we found this unique plant called: Alocasia Lauterbachiana; also known as “Purple Sword”, or “Elephant Ear”, when we looked at it we knew that it was the one we were bringing home, we loved the dark greens, rough look and unique appearance. I found out it is originally from Indonesia and New Guinea. When taking care of this beauty make sure to put in on a spot with bright indirect sunlight, use room temperature water, in small regular amounts when watering it to achieve moist soil, don’t let the soil dry out, and once in a while wipe the leaves with a damp soft cloth.

When I don’t feel like driving too much I really enjoy going to Midtown Garden Center, @midtowngardencenter. I love this place because they have a wide variety of plants, and also a great selection of planters. The atmosphere is very cozy and welcoming, you can also enjoy eating some tacos or cooling down with a fresh smoothie. For me it’s a cool lovely place to spend some time, recharge, get some fresh air, and connect with mother nature.

I hope this information is helpful, and if you need any advise on how to take care of your plants or which plant to get for your home. Feel free to leave a comment or write to us on our Instagram page

Namaste, Ana Bedoya 🙂

Compartiendo lo positivo que la pandemia me regaló!

Pase por varios estados anímicos durante estos últimos meses, los cuales una y otra vez me regresaban a un lado muy oscuro de mí. Fue allí cuando decidí trabajar en este lado de mi vida que necesitaba tanta ayuda. No sabía por dónde empezar, y un día una amiga me mando un mensaje diciendo “ponte los zapatos, vamos a hacer el mejor ejercicio que jamás has echo en tu vida”. Me conecte a mi plataforma de instagram y seguí a los chicos de @ro54d tal como mi amiga me recomendó, y ahí estaban ellos; dos mexicanos encantadores, Rodrigo Garduño y Rodrigo de Ovando, que me motivaron desde el primer momento hasta el final de sus clases. En mi caso fue lo que me mantuvo activa y con disciplina durante los 54 días de su reto.

Vi cambios asombrosos en mi cuerpo (mas aun en mis 40 años) pero más allá de eso, lo que descubrí que estaba disfrutando más fue que a través de esta rutina de ejercicio comencé a estimular y activar más de 50 hormonas, unas de ellas fueron: Serotonina, Endorfina, Adrenalina e Insulina. Por este motivo mi cambio de humor dio resultados fabulosos! Lo cual fue maravilloso para mi ya que lo estaba necesitando profundamente.

Otra de las cosas que esta pandemia me regalo, fue que me anime a hacer un curso en linea que consistía en 13 encuentros, llamado Desde La Tierra Al Cielo, el cual te brinda todas la herramientas para superar diferentes momentos y situaciones de la vida. Ceci Carena es la mujer detrás de este lindo proyecto, la puedes encontrar en su cuenta de instagram @CeciCarena. La conocí en Diciembre del año 2019, fue entonces que descubrí su método llamado La Llama Violeta: el cual transmuta todo lo que no es bueno para ti en tu estado físico, espiritual o mental desde su origen, puede ser desde algo trascendental o algo profundo; básicamente todo lo que tu mente y corazón sientan e imaginen. La llama violeta vino a mi vida para quedarse! Y fue uno de los regalos más valiosos que me obsequie durante esta pandemia.

Por último como quiero que mi evolución sea profunda y cubra todos los aspectos físicos y espirituales de mi vida, me comunique con mi amiga Mexicana Sandra De La Peña; una nutricionista excelente, su cuenta de instagram es @Sandypg. Sandra me compartió un reto de jugos verdes crudos en ayunas, el cual debía hacer durante 10 días. Los resultados fueron increíbles, sentí que mi digestión mejoro completamente y vi resultados muy positivos, esto también llegó a mi vida para quedarse! 

Aquí queda la prueba que sí se puede mejorar y sanar todo lo q no estás disfrutando en tu vida, solo depende de ti, nadie lo hará por ti, es solo cuestión de actitud! Al igual que yo, si nos ponemos metas y creamos mejores hábitos sanaremos muchas cosas en nuestra vida!.

Espero q mis experiencias te ayuden y motiven mucho! Mucha suerte en el proceso.

Receta para alcalinizar el cuerpo:

1/4 de pepino 1/2 de espinaca cruda 1/2 limon amarillo 1/2 piña 1/2 manzana verde Agua y hielo Combina todos estos ingredientes en una licuadora y veras lo delicioso y saludable que es!

Hasta la próxima, Gisella:)

A Photo but Different

I have always wanted to elevate and do something different with my photos. I have thousands of photos, but I need to do something more with them. Every avenue I thought of was expensive. Printing in quality is expensive, art materials cost an arm and a leg and I don’t have a place to hang them. I have been given many talents, sadly painting and drawing was not one of them, not that is any cheaper either : (

I’m not strong at Photoshop but I was plugging different things into it, not reaching the A-ha moment I was wanting and I was a little deflated. It wasn’t until I had a chat with my other creative gal pal that I started thinking outside of the box. We chatted, we threw ideas and we excited our creative juices (Griselle, haay girl haaay!) An idea was born!

I wanted to make a large painting/mural of photo I had in mind. An impromptu photoshoot a while back with my Mae in the garden, I loved this shoot with her. Admittedly, this photo is about 2 years old. I often revisit old photos. I decided on a canvas & paint swatches (inspired by @Josielewisart)

Here is the beginning and process of my new master piece, which sure is the labor of love because it is certainly not an instant gratification kind of piece. It needs patience. A. lot. of. it.

With my chosen photo I added stained glass filter on PS. I printed it on photo paper 8 x 10 at Walgreens and wanted to use it as my template, just like a cross stitch pattern. Then to execute it physically from the photo, it had me at a screeching halt- already! The photo seem to have 100 colors. I would need to move into Home Depot just to match them all. Griselle suggested I transform it to an actual cross stitch pattern – duhhh, hello? Yes, I was so stuck in the quicksand of my thoughts I wasn’t thinking smartly. I have done a ton of cross stitch in my time, I wanted it to look like cross stitch so why not make a cross stitch pattern? lol… Since Mae is on summer vacation I have roped her into the making of this project.

Pixelstitch MADE MY LIFE EASY! Upload the photo, the dimension you want to make and how many colors you want to use. The more colors the more details/shading you will see, but the more color you use the more organized you have to be. I went with 15 colors to simplify things a little. The app even gives you the color suggestions (with thread color) which I changed up a little. I decided to use a .5 inch hexagon hand punch from Sizzix (sadly, it’s discontinued) that I had in my craft room. My canvas is 48 x 60 inches, It’s big. I have no room to work on it, nor hang it when it’s complete in my home. That’s not the point, the point is I want to make it. So I’ll make it. I rented a 10 x 10 ft storage space to work on this. I dedicate at least 1 hour a day. One row takes an hour and has 112 rows. My pattern indicates a little over 10, 000 pieces. Shit.

All my paint swatches are from Behr Paints. I should contact them I think. I wonder if they hate artists using their samples? Maybe they have an art department? I’ll report back!

I took the coded pattern from Pixelstitch and enlarged it enough to be able to read easily. I paired my new colors with the existing codes in the pattern.

The canvas is painted with a rose gold metallic paint. I planned to have the metallic paint show through the gaps of the hexagon like the grout of a mosaic piece.

Finding the center of the printed pattern and the canvas is the next important thing. I measured the canvas and used push pins and yarn to mark my center.

I have to work row by row with a yardstick as a guide to keep it straight.

My choice of glue is Modge Podge Matte. I dot each hexagon with a dab of glue with a cue-tip. Then one by one you glue according to the pattern. You can not rush, and I don’t suggest drinking alcohol as you work here. WE NEED STRAIGHT LINES!

I’m half way there!

As you can see here, I’m half way. I started this on May 21, 2020. I’m working at a good pace, and need to keep at it…….you’ll see the finished product here soon!! Stay tuned : )

Much love, A



Avocado Mask


In celebration of National Avocado Day we’ve put together an avocado mask that is sure to leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth with a supple glow!

The why:

Avocado is filled with nutrients and minerals such as vitamin E, Omega 3,6,9 and aids in the healing of sunburn.

Lemon juice is a form of vitamin C which is great for lightening any dark marks on the skin and giving the skin an overall brightening effect.

Honey helps with inflammation and acne with anti bacterial properties.

Yogurt contains lactic acid which is hydrating and a mild exfoliate.

The recipe:
1/2 ripe avocado
1/3 cup plain yogurt
1 tsp honey (Manuka is best)
1 tbsp lemon juice

The how:
Blend all ingredients together until smooth. The mask can be used right away or chilled in the fridge for a short while. When the mask is cold it’s great for sunburn, shrinking the appearance of large pores. To apply either use a brush or your fingertips. Remove the mask with a damp cloth after 20 minutes.

Having wine with your friend while you’re masking is optional, but totally recommended. HAPPY MASKING!

This makes enough for about 4 to 5 applications, and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days in a sealed container.

T xx

Cookies by M.E

Introducing Maita Espinosa! She is a pastry chef extraordinaire and has recently launched her cookie business. We couldn’t be happier that she did, here is what she had to say during the interview:

Tell us a little about your background: While I was studying culinary at Ducasse Institute in Manila, Philippines, I was sent for my internship to Paris for 6 months. This is where I learned pastries. When I went back to the Philippines, I applied to Nobu as they were opening a location there. They hired me as a pastry chef and started as a commi. Since a team of chefs were sent there from Miami’s location, the head pastry chef trained me. He later invited me to work in Miami on a J1 Visa. That’s when it all began really. After the visa expired, I went back to the Philippines and started a little pastry business. I would bake cupcakes, cakes, cookies, a variety of things. In 2016 I came back to Nobu Miami, this time with a new chef in the pastry department. I did everything with the team, I learned more and more. Then I decided to resign from Nobu just recently before the pandemic.

When and why a cookie business? During quarantine I decided to start the cookie business because, I saw a target market here. People love cookies in America, it is something big here. So this is when Cookies by M.E was born!

Describe your cookie…… I love cookies. I don’t like dry and flat cookies, this is the reason my cookies are chunky. They have a crispy edge but inside it’s soft and chewy. When I was researching and experimenting with my recipe, I wanted to achieve that – chunky, crispy, soft and chewy. I had people try it and the response was really positive. So I guessed it was going to sell, this was going to work!

What is your favorite flavor combination? Honestly, I’m a very simple person. Even with flavors I always stick to the classics. My favorite cookie is the Chunky Chocolate Chewy, my take on the classic chocolate chip.

A Philippino classic

What is in the near future for Cookies by M.E? Right now, it’s an online cookie shop. Hopefully, when things get better (from the pandemic) we will open a little spot. Not sure where yet but, of course in Miami. The vision of the company is that we will stick to the basics. We like everything natural. I won’t use ingredients that have a lot of preservatives. Especially butter, I am very specific with that. I want my cookies with butter, real butter! We will expand the menu, when we have the store. As an experiment we are offering bread currently, and it’s selling a lot. We are still building a brand so I’m not sure if offering both right now is a good idea. The cookies are the main focus at the moment, but yes, in the future we will incorporate more baked goods. I do want to share with you that we will be incorporating some new flavors soon – Latin flavors (because we are in Miami) and slowly incorporating Philippino flavors, just because I want my culture to be a part of what I’m doing.

Do you have a cookie guru? My mom. She’s a medical doctor but, she would bake in her free time. My siblings and I grew up helping her make baked goods especially during the holidays. She also used to bake cookies and her recipes are one of the main reasons that inspired me to pursue a cookie business.

How do you integrate the recipe to convert to a vegan recipe? The recipe is totally different and the end product is different. Instead of butter I use coconut oil and coconut milk. Even the chocolate chip is vegan. It’s gluten free so also I substitute the all purpose flour with gluten free flour. The recipe is not the same, it’s not just something that is converted from the regular recipe. We have one chocolate chip cookie and it’s sprinkled with sea salt.

What would you share with a person who wants to leap into their own business? You need patience and determination and your passion should really be that (your product), because if not, then it won’t work. You really have to work hard – for anything. You got to love what you do. It is very tiring but at the end of the day the feeling of fulfillment – is wow! It doesn’t matter if you sell a dozen today, but it’s the positive feedback from the customers and how you see your business grow everyday, that’s what makes it worth it and makes you feel happy.

What are the biggest beginner mistakes when baking cookies? Temperature is one – if you’re not used a specific oven getting the right temperature can be difficult, the cookies won’t come out the same. Every oven is different. Working in the restaurant we work with a convection oven, but at home the temperature has to be higher. Measuring is second – if you don’t measure your ingredients properly, because in pastry you have to be precise. Let me tell you one thing; the kind of sugar you use and chilling time makes a difference. You see some cookies are really flat, I think the reason why that happens is they roll the dough from mixing and put it straight in the oven. That makes the dough spread because the butter is not intact. So, if you want a chunky cookie you have to chill the dough first. And the sugar has a lot to do with it because let’s say you use dark brown sugar; it has a lot of molasses content as opposed to light brown sugar or granulated sugar. I mix my sugars too!

If you weren’t a pastry chef what would you be doing? Honestly, I was tossing between being a psychologist and pastry chef. Because you know, people who are depressed they eat cookies then they’re like ‘oh, I’m happy now” hahaha.

Where can people order your cookies? We have a website, they can order from there or through the bio link on Instagram.

Website: www.cookiesby-me.com Instagram: @ _cookiesbyme_

photos: Alessa Delgado

For the love of … Malbec

I took the time during quarantine to really enjoy my favorite wine varietal, Malbec. Following the doctors’ orders, I had a glass everyday. 😉

Argentine Malbecs are know to have a rich balance of acidity and tannins, making them a crowd pleaser. A few characteristics are a deep red or purple hue, fruit-forward, and aromas and tasting notes of plum, dark fruits, mocha, oak. It should be drank slightly cool.

Even though Argentina is the most well known country for this intense red wine, the thick-skinned grape originated in France. Since this grape has a poor resistance to weather and pests, it never flourished as one of France’s top varietals. It instead found a new home in Mendoza, Argentina; where it was first planted in 1868 by a French agronomist. Argentina has reinvigorated Malbec, as it has over 75% of all the acres in the world.

Food pairings: umami lovers! (thank you Wine Folly for this great list)

Meats: dark meat poultry, lean red meat, beef brisket, duck, chicken leg, lamb, beef, game meat. Spices and herbs: parsley, thyme, rosemary, porcini powder, smoked paprika, black pepper, cumin, coriander, juniper berry, clove, vanilla bean, garlic, shallot, green onion, barbecue sauce. Cheese: funky and rich soft to semi-firm cow’s and goat’s milk cheeses. Vegetables: mushrooms, roasted vegetables, green and red bell peppers, potato, arugula, kale, chard, grilled endive, onion, beet, tempeh, lentils, black beans, forbidden rice.

Malbec’s producing countries are Argentina, France, United States, Chile, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Malbec loves high elevation areas with hot days and cold nights.

I usually have my go-to Malbecs, however for this post I decided to try something new. I bought the High Altitude Wine Package from Bunbury Miami (this package, as well as other wines, is available for take-out in their market. If you haven’t been to Bunbury you need to go asap!). https://www.bunburymiami.com/

Ready for the tasting.

Antucura Calcura 2013 – Bordeaux-style red blend of malbec, merlot, and cabernet sauvignon. This is a 90 point wine from Anne-Caroline Biancheri’s winery located at 3,445ft above sea level in Vista Flores, Uco Valley, Mendoza (2013 was actually a good vintage for this wine). This wine is deep red, very smooth, wonderful viscosity, full body, with aromas of prune, fig, mocha, licorice. Very drinkable, with tasting notes of oak, ripe red fruits, chocolate, tobacco, syrup. Our opinion: Paired well with bites of sopressata and gorgonzola.

San Pedro de Yacochuya 2015 – predominantly malbec and cabernet sauvignon blend. The Michel Rolland and Arnaldo Etchart winery is located 6,700ft above sea level in Cafayete Valley, Salta. Deep dark ruby red in color with low intensity to the nose; red and dark fruits, vanilla, cassis, slightly smoky and earthy aromas. On the palate you can taste notes of dark fruit marmalade and soft touch of oak; very enjoyable and easy to drink. Our opinion: Paired very well with a slice of apple, iberico cheese, and truffle honey.

Colomé Estate Malbec 2016our fave of the three. This is a 90+ point wine, blended from four estate vineyards to achieve the best expression of Malbec; aged 15 months in French oak barrels and 6 months in the bottle. These vineyard are La Brava, El Arenal, Altura Máxima, and Colomé, located in the upper Calchaqui Valley, Salta. Bodega Colomé, now owned by Donald and Ursula Hess, is one of the oldest (1831) and highest Argentinian winery (at 10,207ft above sea level). Intense in both color and taste. Aromas of dark purple fruits, vanilla, spice. Tasting notes of dark ripe fruits, oak, cassis, chocolate, and jam. Our opinion: Paired very well with goat cheese and/or prosciutto on rosemary crackers.

Hint hint: I tried the wines a few hours after opening and also the day after and they were delicious! Of course, letting the wine breathe will not work for all wines, however it certainly did for these.

I do have to say this was a very enjoyable afternoon. It’s a great idea to open up your senses and have fun at the same time. With everything that is going on these days with covid-19, you can have a virtual wine tasting via zoom with family and friends. Nowadays it’s easy to find aromas and tasting notes online for the specific wines you would like to try. You’ll be surprised what difference people can smell and taste.

xoxo Elisa

Expecting my first baby!

For most of us, we are never ready to be parents. We would always find excuses to keep postponing this from happening, we tell ourselves that we want to travel more, have a better job, maybe a house, and the list goes on and on. In my case I never wanted to be a mother to be honest, it was not in my plan, I was afraid just to think about it. When I met my husband 5 years ago, he would always ask me how many kids I wanted? I’d be like, “I don’t want any” lol, he would always respond with such a loving face saying: “Why? It is the best thing that can happen to you! I imagine it is something super fun” and I would say with hesitation “well I don’t know, we’ll see I guess”.

After 5 years of us being together and seeing his cute expressions about the subject, he definitely changed my mind and we decided to give it a try and start planning for a baby! It took us more than a year to get pregnant, but finally on January 2nd of 2020 we found out about this big life changing event!

I am 7 months pregnant now, and it has been a very interesting period in my life. The first 3 months were super difficult, I was throwing up every day, and it was very hard for me to eat, but now I’m feeling great and my appetite is on point! This is definitely a period of a lot of questions, a lot of research, doctors appointments, and uncertainty, specially being pregnant during these hard times that we are all living due to COVID-19. I have made a list of advises for moms to be during this pandemic, and my top 3 things I can’t live without during my pregnancy, I hope is helpful and inspiring for all of you loving moms to be!

  1. There is no need of having a sex reveal party: Trust me ladies! Don’t let your relatives, social media and friends drive you crazy about having a sex reveal party, first of all is such an intimate moment that you only need you and your partner to enjoy it, you will have a lot of events to celebrate and have parties for. Don’t stress yourself and SAVE MONEY!
  2. Choosing your doctor and hospital: I was very worried about this because I wanted to have the best doctor and be at the best hospital, I asked a lot of my friends that have kids for recommendations about this subject and I found a place that I liked, I was so relax and happy about it! Three months after COVID-19 arrived to our lives and boom! I lost my job, and my SUPER EXPENSIVE insurance, I felt like the world was going to end lol, I cried for days, and was very worried, until my husband talked to me about getting Medicaid and not worrying about anything, he would always say ” the baby is going to be born no matter what doctor you have, stop worrying about it!” This was my biggest lesson during my pregnancy, to let things be, not try to control everything and be ready for any changes that may happen. I have a doctor now and I’m very happy and calm about everything, so don’t worry, relax and live one day at a time.
  3. Don’t stress out if you can’t have a baby shower!: One of the first things people are going to ask you is, when are you having your baby shower? I was thinking about this subject for a while, and we decided not to have one, specially due to COVID-19. I learned with this pandemic that you don’t need to have a baby shower to celebrate this moment in your life, the people that love you and care about you would find a way to give your baby a gift and make you feel special! Just register to your favorite stores, in my case I have chosen Amazon, trust me you will be more relax this way, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on decoration, enjoy what really matters and keep it simple.


  1. Actif Organics Prenatal Vitamins: I tried 3 different prenatal vitamins before I found this brand, I highly recommend them specially because it doesn’t have an after taste or smell. As I mentioned at the beginning, during my first 3 months I was throwing up everything, and I couldn’t smell anything strong, so taking my vitamins was a challenge. My hair, skin and nails are also very happy and the best part is that you only need to take one capsule a day, compare to my previous ones where I had to take two or even 3 daily.

2. Lymphatic Drainage Board: Keeping your legs in shape can be very difficult during pregnancy, and fighting cellulite is one of our biggest challenge during these 9 months. I started using this wooden tool at the beginning of my pregnancy and I am in love with it! like everything in life you have to be consistent to see results. To use it, I apply coconut oil to my skin and start massaging my legs up and down applying moderate pressure helping my body to breakdown fat and eliminate toxins.

3. Gua Sha Facial Tool: I am so in love with my Gua Sha jade stone board, I use it every night while I’m relaxing watching TV, use it the same way as the Lymphatic board. Apply any of your favorite oils to your face, I usually use almond, rose or coconut oil, massage your face in different directions applying light pressure. It is great to activate blood circulation and promote cellular and skin rejuvenation, it also improves elasticity of the skin and reduces wrinkles. There are so many to choose from, just make sure it is made out of jade stone. And the biggest secret is to be consistent!

For those days that you feel anxious, specially now that we don’t know what is happening or will happen is this world, I highly recommend reading this book, to guide and help you to always stay in the present moment, enjoying what you have now! Saying that, I love this quote by the one and only Dalai Lama:

”You are so anxious about the future that you do not enjoy the present. You therefore do not live in the present or the future. You live as if you are never going to die, and then die having never really lived”.

I really hope you find this helpful, there is so much information and things to do while pregnant that is very easy to be overwhelmed and confused, just listen to your body and always do what makes you feel relaxed and calm, since that is the biggest secret of a healthy pregnancy.

With love, Ana : )

P.S. By the way I am having a girl!

Flowers by Hello Petals

Tasha’s Vi Peel Experience – First session

I’m usually pretty good with my skin care routine but I’ve noticed some hyper-pigmentation on different areas of my face. Although I’m an esthetician, I scheduled myself for a Vi Peel treatment over at Lavender Skin Bar.

The Vi Peel is a chemical peel that is suitable for all skin types. Designed to improve the tone, texture and clarity of the skin. Some of other Vi Peel benefits are to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and to remove dry rough skin leaving it brighter with a more even tone.


My reason for getting the Vi Peel treatment is to lighten the dark pigmented areas and to brighten my skin. Upon arrival at Lavender Skin Bar I was greeted and escorted to the treatment area. My face was prepped by a thorough cleansing and stripped of any oils. This is done to maximize the outcome of the peel. The est. asked a few questions regarding any skin concerns or expectation. She informed that the peel could have a low to medium tingle factor and that results would be noticed right after the first peel. However, for optimal results a series of 3 is recommended. The entire process took about 20 minutes from start to finish. Before leaving Lavender Skin Bar I was advised to leave the peel on for 4 hours. A home care package was given to me that included products for day and night aftercare with instructions. The whole process was really easy with minimum discomfort. I will be posting pictures of the Vi Peel experience throughout the series of peels. One down and two more to go!

During the first 2 days after treatment what I felt was immediate tightness of the skin. It wasn’t until day 3 that I saw skin starting to peel around the mouth and chin area. The full peeling process for the face took about 7 days. The neck and decollete area (upper chest) will take about 9 days. I did the face and neck, the neck and decollete areas are good for anti aging purposes.

After the peeling process is complete (after the 7-9 days) I like to use my homemade hydrating and brightening mask. This will leave your skin feeling supple again!!

DIY Hydrating and Brightening Honey Mask

In between the Vi Peel treatment I like to use a homemade mask once a week. The Honey mask is my mask of choice because it aids in the process of lightening dark spots as well as hydrating and tightening the skin . It’s a simple mask made up of 3 ingredients.

Raw organic honey: works well for hyper-pigmentation or acne scars it’s also soothing and healing with antibacterial properties

Lemon: juice from the lemon is great for oil control and inflammation. Lemon juice is a natural antioxidant due to the Vitamin C which is great for premature aging and reducing skin damage, dark marks and acne scars.

Egg White: Anti-aging, firms and tightens the skin. Egg white also clarifies the skin while reducing the appearance of large pores and removing build up.

Here is what you need:

1 tbsp Raw organic honey
1/2 lemon squeezed (juice)
1 egg (whites only)

Here’s what to do:

Add all three ingredients together and whisk vigorously until mask begins to foam. Before applying mask be sure to cleanse and pat dry the face. Apply the mask with a cotton ball or a mask brush. Leave the mask on for 10-15 min. Rinse and pat dry.

For those who are sensitive to the acidity of lemon juice a tablespoon of yogurt can be used instead. Always do a patch test on a small area before applying mask to the face.

It is imperative to use SPF like Skin Script Sheer Protection SPF 30 daily and limit sun exposure while treating the skin.

I hope you enjoy the mask!

Mention @estheticallyyours at the Lavender Skin Bar and receive 15% discount off any $100 or more purchase on treatments or products. Valid until December 31, 2020.

Lavender Skin Bar 1880 NE 170th St. North Miami Beach, FL. 33162 T:(786)463-0333

Meet our guest: Melissa She has a mission for beautiful and healthy nails

What inspired you to get into the nail industry and start this business? That is a funny story because I used to bite my nails! I guess I was bored so I bit them. My aunt in the Dominican Republic had a small place to manicure nails and I would see the ladies with their beautiful nails, I wanted to be like them. When my aunt finished work and was tired, she would let me manicure her nails. I just loved it.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to start a nail business? Patience and passion. It takes time to get clients and to get to the level you want to. Without passion I don’t think it’s worth it.

What are your top 3 favorite nail products? Luxa; I want to focus on natural nails and they have a great system that works for a beautiful finish. The Gel Bottle, Pecchi; are vegan and are not tested on animals.

What has been your biggest challenge making this business a reality? People and negative comments. At the beginning people would tell me I wouldn’t be successful or make money. But I think if you want something you just have to go for it!

Are you following nail trends? At the moment I am focusing on drawing art for nails. On natural nails, not on extensions or acrylics

How do you advise people to keep their nails healthy? Using oils! Nails can look bad if you don’t eat well. You need to moisturize them. You can consume a teaspoon of coconut oil, (especially before you work out, which also helps you burn fat!) It helps your skin and nails. Additionally you can take that same coconut oil and rub on your nails before bed.

What is one thing you wish people would know about going to get their nails done? I wish people would understand that yes, people make money applying acrylics and extensions but for me it’s not the best thing. After maybe 4 sets, then the clients may see that their nails are damaged. The best thing for me is to offer the best products to keep their nails healthy and natural. I can still add bling, just on natural nails : )

What makes you different to the other nail salons? I am honest with the products. I am trying to be different because I want people to get healthy nails but pretty. You don’t need to be using all those bad product to make your nails look beautiful.

What’s next for you? Well, at the moment I work from home but I don’t think I will be doing it here for much longer. I am looking for a space, so, I will let you know soon! All organic products on natural nails in the North Miami, Miami Shores or Aventura area. I make my own blend oils, scrubs and masks for hands and feet, eventually I will create a wax for hair removal and facial products.

What do you do on your free time? My husband and I just bought a house so I garden, and when I have time I make jewelry.

Are you following any Covid 19 rules? I use a shield as well as a mask and gloves. Clients have to come alone, so no children or pets. Clients wear a mask also. I sanitize everything (which is what I have always done), tools in UV lamp, files and buffs are disposable so after each client it gets thrown away.

For appointments and pricing please contact Melissa. @melynailstudio or cell: 201 245 6093

* Nail photos taken by Melisssa