Tell us a little about yourself: I have always had an immense passion for the health and fitness industries. The foundation of nutrition and the importance of fitness was instilled in me at a very young age. My mother, a novice body builder and competitor, inspired me to follow a journey of longevity and wellness. In 2007, I graduated #1 in my class at Florida International University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition. As my desire for a holistic approach to healing continued to grow, I pursued a Massage Therapy License graduating as Valedictorian at the Acupuncture and Massage College. 

Passionate about movement and wellness, I went on to become a NCSF Certified Personal Trainer and also graduated #1 in my class as a Physical Therapist Assistant from the highest ranked program from Miami Dade College. With experience in all avenues of care, I remain committed to constantly growing and learning, keeping in mind my life’s motto – “to change the world one person at a time.”

What makes you happy? I believe happiness is a mindset and I’m always ready with a smile. Walking the bridge, feeling the breeze in the air and the sunshine on my skin are priceless. Unwinding in the kitchen with my music blasting, creative juices flowing, and preparing delicious meals for the week makes me happy. However, I am most content when someone leaves my treatment room feeling like a new person, ready to take on the world! 

What does a normal day look like for you? The melodious sound of my alarm dings at 5:45am, I walk into the bathroom, look into the mirror and say out loud what I am most grateful for.  I find my way to the kitchen and drink about 3 glasses of my special water elixir (RO water, apple cider vinegar, spirulina, aloe, and ginger puree) and have my morning brew. Once hydration sets in, a workout session is dominated! Next, I jump in the shower, get ready, and then I am off to work. A shift can run anywhere from 6-12 hours, it is fast-paced and keeps me on my toes. Once I get home, I kick off my shoes, jump into the shower and then find my way to the kitchen. A deep pleasure is felt making my own food, listening to an audible book or podcast, and then engage in a yoga or meditation session. I conclude each evening with gratitude and a success list for the following day. 

You do a variety of work; can you share what you do in each? At Mount Sinai Medical Center, I work as an Acute Care Therapist, enhancing health, education, and function. Acute care therapy is the treatment one receives after a severe injury or illness, urgent medical condition, or after surgery. As you can imagine, being hospitalized is no light matter. My role is to be their “cheerleader,” with the goal of optimizing their functional independence for a safe return home. Together, we perform ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living) such as: gait training, transfer training, bed mobility, strength training, neuromuscular reeducation, self-care, etc. I work with an array of patients such as: cardiac, gastro-intestinal, orthopedic, cancer, neuro, ICU (Intensive Care Unit), failure to thrive, psych, etc. 

Outside of the hospital, I work as an Outpatient Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA), Massage Therapist, and Personal Trainer. All 3 coexist to embody a “Wholistic” approach to movement and the musculoskeletal system. 

As a PTA, optimizing movement, balance, coordination, mobility, and stability are key. Therapeutic exercises/interventions, joint mobilization, and soft tissue manipulation are performed, along with education on safety, injury prevention, recovery, and developing a plan of care to meet the individual’s needs. 

Personal training is similar to physical therapy (PT). Both professions keep you active and working on creating a plan of care to help you achieve your fitness/physical goals, however, personal trainers focus on physique and do not specifically work with injuries.

Massage therapy is an effective tool for soft tissue manipulation and stress relief. Through my rhythmic flow, I am able to help create energy balance and promote relaxation. My background primarily consists of: Swedish, Thai, Deep Tissue, Medical, Prenatal, Ayurvedic, and Shiatsu Massage techniques. Swedish Massage is very relaxing, helping to improve blood circulation, and reduce tension in muscles. Thai Massage can be described as being taken through a beautiful yoga flow, opening your energy channels, reducing restrictions, and rebalancing. Deep Tissue is similar to Swedish Massage but is performed with slow strokes and sustained pressure to move deeper into the tissue. Medical Massage is used for a specific ailment diagnosed by a professional. Prenatal is performed on an expecting mother, promoting comfort and wellness, increasing immune function, improving uterine blood supply, etc. Ayruvedic Massage is done with specialty oils and specific strokes promoting balance within the mind, body, and spirit constitution. Shiatsu is literally translated to “finger pressure.” Pressure is applied to specific points on the body, correcting disharmonies and restore balance.  

What is your favorite stretch or movement? Mobility work is an essential part of programming, there are so many valuable movements, it is challenging to choose only one. 

My top 3 favorites are: 

1. World’s Greatest Stretch w/ thoracic rotations 

2. Dynamic Hamstring Sweeps 

3. Around the World 

If you weren’t doing PT what would you be doing? If I wasn’t doing PT, or bodywork, I would go back to school to become a Functional Medicine Practioner. I truly believe in treating the body as a whole entity and we must take care of our mind, body, and spirit for wellness to take place. Functional Medicine helps to discover the cause of the issue versus just “putting a band aid” and covering up the symptoms. 

What are your top 5 must do’s for your body?

  • HYDRATE yourself with clean water
  • MOVE your body EVERY DAY (doing whatever makes you feel empowered and alive- min 2 min/hour awake) 
  • EAT the rainbow of clean vegetables and fruits- high quality proteins
  • Get good quality SLEEP (dark room, electronics off, cool temperature)
  • RECOVERY: Massage, Stretch Therapy, Breathing, Gratitude, Positive Affirmations

What is your advice to the couch potato who wants to get up off their butts but keeps finding excuses? Set it or forget it! Put an alarm on your phone TO MOVE, so you don’t even have to think about it. Making things easy, will help you to create lasting changes. If an alarm isn’t for you, make sure you are moving your whole body during commercials or at the beginning/ end of each show on TV. 

Our bodies are made to move and as we move, we release endorphins which make us feel good. And why wouldn’t you want to feel good?!

Do you eat healthy too? (if so) What is your favorite healthy: Yes, I do eat healthy most of the time. Food is another one of my passions and this girl LOVES to EAT!! 

Breakfast: Omlette (1-2 eggs, sautéed onions, garlic, spinach, riced cauliflower (adds bulk without the calories), spices, cooked in 1 tsp coconut oil) + 1/2 c frozen organic blueberries, 1/4c frozen pineapple, 1/4c cacao nibs, 1/4c baruka nuts 

Lunch: SALAD- organic spinach, spring mix, wild caught smoked salmon or sardines, raw onions, garlic, pickles, chopped date, honey goat cheese, sliced steamed almonds, ¼ avocado, chia seeds with  balsamic vinegar. Side: Kimchi and celery with hummus   

Dinner: Wild caught sockeye salmon with the skin on (Air fryer so the skin is crispy) in spices and onions

Side: Honey roasted balsamic brussel sprouts with onions, garlic, salt pepper, chipotle, bacon, dates, almond slivers and whole roasted cauliflower in pink Himalayan salt (First boiled then baked until soft) 

Dessert: Theo 85% cacao bar (Not to be eaten all at once)

What do you like to do on your down time, any hobbies? In my down time, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, creating quick and easy healthy recipes, learning (books/ articles/ etc- primarily health/wellness and Spanish), coming up with fun exercises, and enjoying art. 

Can you tell us something funny/interesting that has happened at work? Some of the remarks my clients make when I take them through a stretch sequence are quite memorable. I continue to find it so interesting how we can be so restricted and not even realize it. It is amazing restricted we can become, but taking the time for yourself each day, can make the world of a difference on your overall well-being.  

How can we contact you for appointments? 

Kori Baxter C- (305) 775-0961   Email- Kori@chainworkphysio.com Chainwork and Adapt Gym
14901 NE 20 Ave North Miami, 33181
(786) 717-7470

Shake-it, it’s mojito time!

Last month I attended a really fun cocktail-making event with one of my best friends. Shake n’ Make was presented by Finka Table & Tap, Chat Chow, and The Doral Yard. As we arrived we were sat at our own socially-distance picnic table underneath the outdoors tent at The Doral Yard. In front of us there were two small bottles of Havana Club Rum, a shaker, a measuring jigger, pineapple juice, lemon juice, soda, pomegranate syrup, simple syrup, bitters, and herbs. The workshop started with an introduction of the much anticipated Barbakoa by Finka, Chef Eileen Andrade, Gio Gutierrez Chat Chow, and bartender extraordinaire Jasmin from Finka; who gave a brief history on the famous cocktail, Mojito.

The mojito is Miami’s cocktail because it’s the perfect cocktail for those hot and humid days; which in Miami is pretty much everyday. This cocktail is refreshing, light, and crisp. Did you know that the mojito’s origin story is often disputed? Early history suggest that the mojito’s original name is ‘el draque’ from the time when Sir Francis Drake landed in Cuba looking for gold in the 1500s. Many of his crew were suffering from a couple of ailments, and the locals were known to have remedies for many diseases. This remedy was made with aguardiente de caña, mint leaves, juices from sugar cane, and lime. Others believe the mojito came from African slaves working in the Cuban sugar fields, using aguardiente de caña and sugar cane alcohol. Whatever its origin may be the creation of the Bacardi company in the 1800s was most likely the cause of the cocktail’s rise in popularity. Specially, after the famous myth of Ernest Hemingway frequently visiting La Bodeguita del Medio for a mojito in the 1950s.

Our first cocktail was, of course, the mojito. Mine did not really taste that great, but then I remember I didn’t shake it enough, because the shaker was not as nearly as cold as it should have been. So, I put it back in the shaker and gave it a few more shakes (it’s not like I was doing in for a customer, right?). Then we were given three minutes to create our own cocktail using the ingredients provided. But, there was a catch … we could not taste our own cocktails until the judges tasted it themselves. I added the full mini bottle of Havana Club Rum, a little of pomegranate syrup, one of the bitters, herbs, and shook it until I couldn’t feel my hands anymore. After drinking it I realized it was too sweet, so I added a little bit of lemon juice and it totally balance it out. The winner of the competition got a gift card for Finka. Overall this was such a fun, interactive workshop. We didn’t go with the mindset of winning anything, it was just for fun. But, as soon as the competition kicks in, you want to win for sure, LOL!

Stay tuned for events like this happening soon at The Doral Yard. I hear there’s one coming up next month. 😉

Let’s make mojitos at home! After telling Alessa about my new post, she immediately got excited and wanted to make a cocktail.

Everyone knows that a great cocktail is made to order with fresh ingredients and a hint of love. The classic Mojito is made with your run of the mill mint. Don’t get me wrong, we love the stuff, though did you know there are different types of mint? Obviously, spearmint and peppermint, but the mint family is pretty big with over 600 varieties and flavor profiles.

Alessa has a few varieties growing in her garden and they are growing like weeds. So, here we are testing a couple of varieties for the cocktail. Orange mint vs. chocolate mint with a classic mojito recipe.


  • You will need a shaker.
  • Club soda.
  • 2oz your choice of Rum (we used Havana Club)
  • ½ Lime
  • 2tbsp Sugar (we used raw sugar)
  • 12 Mint leaves + 1 sprig for garnish
  • Ice


  1. Cut lime into 4 sections.
  2. Place lime into shaker along with the sugar and 12 mint leaves.
  3. Muddle until muddled well. Not muddled enough? Muddle some more.
  4. Add rum and ice.
  5. Vigorously shake all ingredients for 15 seconds.
  6. Pour entire content of shaker into highball glass.
  7. Top with club soda.
  8. Garnish and enjoy!

AND THE WINNER IS ….. Orange Mint! Cheers!!

xoxo Elisa

Skin tightening with Laser

Hello again everyone,

As you know I’ve done a few Vi Peels during the months of quarantine. It’s actually time for my final peel but I’ve spent a great deal of time frolicking in the sun so my Vi Peel service has been placed on hold for a while. In my opinion my skin needed a little pick me up so I purchased a Groupon deal for a laser anti-aging treatment at Flawless Icon Med Spa. Once I arrived for my appointment. I was greeted and immediately asked to follow all Covid 19 regulations. A consultation was given where I was given several different options of services that would help me attain my desired results.

The laser tech explained how the procedure would work and what to expect. This particular service, laser skin rejuvenation is targeted towards skin tightening, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles while building collagen. Before starting the service you want to be sure that your skin is cleansed for any creams. Once the laser service began I could immediately smell the Vellus hair on my face burning. For any of you that have experience laser hair removal it has the same type of sensation but on your face. There were tiny pulses of heat it was slightly uncomfortable but not unbearable.The service from start to finish was about 20 minutes, immediately after I could see that my skin was more taught and smooth. It was recommended to have 6 to 8 treatments for maximum results. And since I’m still dealing with hyper pigmentation I took home products that would help me along the way in between the laser treatments. I love the results I received from my laser skin tightening treatment I will use my home current regimen as well as an SPF every 80 minutes. This is only because I spend so much time in the sun. My skin appears to be more smooth and firm. I’ve already booked my appointment for my second laser treatment and I’m hoping to get even better results. Unfortunately I was unable to capture my before and after photos on the day of service however my skin feels amazing one week later. If you’re thinking of doing something similar to this treatment I recommend purchasing through Groupon for your first initial treatments. A discounted price for the laser treatment is great for us who are not sure or fully committed but still want to give it a try! I will be posting pics of my second treatment and the difference of my complexion in the upcoming weeks!

Xoxo Tasha

Baby I’m Star

4 Point

I’m not sure what rock I have been living under, but I accidentally discovered a new thing (new thing to me at least) from a fashion photographer in NY…….I’m kicking myself I didn’t save his name and am crossing fingers I stumble on him again.

Anyways, he was talking about a lens filter that he uses on his regular lens that turns specular highlights into stars.

There are different point numbers ranging from 4 to 16. I bought the 4 and 6 point, the 4 point for my macro and the 6 for my 50mm. The brand is Tiffen and was purchased on Amazon, and best of all it was inexpensive!! It was about $70 for both. You literally screw this filter on to your lens and that is it, other than the filter all you need is the light hitting in the sweet spot to make a reflective light. I used glitter make-up for my project, as soon as I have time to go to the beach….I’m bringing this baby with me as I think a shot with the sun reflecting from the waves would look beyond fantastic!

So back to my project. I asked Tasha about her skills in glitter make up, she told me she was a pro. The next day we were gluing glitter on my eyelids and trimming false eyelashes. We used NYX face and body glitter and used NYX glitter primer also. I bought the lashes from TJMaxx for $1 a pair. Tasha layered 2 sets of lashes to get length and volume.

All I needed then was my camera, tripod, a glass of wine, my disco ball and the sun. Self timer was set and I shot away. What do you think?

For me to get the flare from my eyeball I flickered the disco ball to the sun so it would reflect into my eye. I was definitely seeing spots and don’t recommend doing that for a long period of time : ) All the star flares are SOOC (straight out of camera) and are not Photoshopped. I used a light skin smoother for my skin in Photoshop and converted to black and white in Lightroom.

Much love,


Sir Earl Palmer

Who doesn’t love an Arnold Palmer? And no, I don’t mean the Arnold Palmer the pro golfer although I’m sure he’s a great man. I mean the tea, you know, 1/2 lemonade + 1/2 tea= so good!! My cocktail is inspired by this.

Made with 2 of my favorite beverages; earl grey tea and gin : ) The brand of tea that I like is Rishi. You can find the brand’s tea bags in the supermarket BUT it is NOT the same. I buy it online and loose tea leaves, not cheap but I just love so much. And of course my go-to Gin, Hendricks Mid Summer Solstice.

Pour a thin layer of sugar on a plate. With a thin lemon wedge, gently rim the glass. While the rim is still wet with the lemon juice turn the glass upside down and gently rotate the glass in the sugar. Fill glass with ice carefully as not to ruin the sugar rim. Set aside.

In a shaker add the rest of the ingredients. Shake and pour over ice. Garnish with the lemon slice.

Cheers and drink responsibly!


Flores para un embarazo armonioso.

Seguramente estas pensando que por el hecho de estar embarazada no podes tomar nada, o te dan miedo las terapias alternativas. Pero, quisiera recordarte que la terapia floral no tiene ningún tipo de contraindicaciones, tanto embarazadas como bebes, pueden tener un acompañamiento y que más lindo poder ayudarles y mostrarles que podemos hacer un seguimiento inclusive también para concebir el embarazo.

La terapia floral es un acompañamiento para todos los momentos de la vida y más aún en un momento tan especial como el embarazo de una mujer.

A continuación quisiera darles algunas recomendaciones de cuales son las esencias florales, fórmulas combinadas y perfume áurico para el acompañamiento en un embarazo.

Primero quisiera contarles que las fórmulas combinadas están elaboradas con esencias florales que aportan a la fórmula, su fuerza y su energía, su magia, sus dones y virtudes particulares, sobre una base de elixires de gemas de altisima vibracion , como el cuarzo verde, azul, el citrino, el rosado, el blanco (cristal), el verde, el garante rubí y la amatista.

Así como las esencias florales, las fórmulas combinadas nos acompañan a transitar lo que vinimos a aprender. Trabajan ayudándonos a superar, eso que más nos cuesta, y a integrarlo en nuestro camino de manera positiva.

Solemos tener más de un aprendizaje y de la mano de las fórmulas combinadas, las flores, y los elixires de gemas podemos ir incorporándose, a medida que las necesidades van surgiendo.

También se podria decir que tanto las flores, elixires de gemas, como remedios vibracionales, actúan según el principio de polaridad, despertando en nosotros la virtud opuesta a la falla que deseamos suprimir.

Durante todo el tiempo de su formación en las profundidades de la tierra, las gemas se han ido cargando de determinadas energías.

Las vibraciones de las gemas pueden ser transmitidas a los hombres para reestablecer un equilibrio energético en su sistema, para ayudarlos a elevar sus vibraciones y para que puedan ampliar su conciencia.

Los elixires de gemas son preparados vibracionales, que elaborados del mismo modo que las esencias florales, nos armonizan y equilibran, física, mental, y emocionalmente.

Elixires de Gemas.


_ Catalizador de energía lunares.

_Fortalece y sana a la Madre Interna.

_Trabaja la relación con la madre y con los hijos, la relación con la comida y lo que nutre.

_Ayuda a las mamás embarzadas a conectar con su bebe.

_Sana las emociones que yacen detrás de los temas de alimentación.

_Permite descubrir y reconocer nuestro mecanismo emocional.

_Pone luz sobre nuestro modo habitual de reaccionar.

_Ayuda a limpiar, elaborar, integrar, sanar y transformar lo negativo de estas energías, mientras van emergiendo sus talentos.

_ Para temas de alimentación y conductas compulsivas en relación con la comida.

_ Para la diabetes (que aparece en quienes en su búsqueda de dulzura, generan azúcar en sangre) ayuda a regular y mantener estables, índices de glucemia. Se puede complementar con el perfume Luna.

_ Para el síndrome premenstrual y los cambios de humor femeninos producidos por los temas hormonales.

_ Ayuda a salir a la vida con el abrazo de Maria y con la fuerza del amor, pudiendo respirar y actuar en calma.

Formula Madre Nutricia y perfume aurico Luna.

La esencia floral del Jacaranda ayuda con la conexión de la mamá con el bebe por encarnar.

Flor del jacaranda.

También la esencia floral de la Rosa Blanca es un gran acompañamiento a partir del primer momento que te enteras que vas a ser mamá, para el parto, y moldea los corazones de los bebes que están por nacer. Esta esencia tiene la vibración de Maria.

Rosa Blanca.

La Azucena Rosa se puede usar para regularizar los órganos femeninos y poder quedar embarazada, ya que sana y limpia los órganos femeninos, como temas de ovarios, utero, regulariza temas del periodo menstrual y también moldea los cuerpos etéricos de los bebes por nacer.

Azucena Rosa.

La esencia del Floripondio Amarillo también ayuda a la conexión entre la mamá y el bebe .

Floripondio Amarillo.

La esencia Floral de Catalpa sirve para las migranas que en el embarazo pueden ser bastante molestas.


Para las nauseas se puede tomar Madre Nutricia junto con la rosa blanca y la esencia del ciruelo, que aplaca, tranquiliza y serena.

Estas serían algunas de las opciones para acompañar uno de los momentos mas hermosos que una mujer puede vivir. Varían depende las necesidades de cada mujer.

Para cualquier consultas, preguntas o dudas, pueden escribirme un DM en mi IG @milagritos_floweressences.

IG milagritos_floweressences.

Espero pronto poder informarlos con la diversidad de las flores para diferentes condiciones y momentos de la vida y que puedan ir descubriendo el poder sanador de la Terapia Floral. Recuerden que las Flores acompañan según las necesidades de cada uno, por eso es importante un encuentro para poder detectar las correctas para cada persona.

Los saluda con mucho cariño, Gisella Gaudini.

Muchas flores para todos!

Our Special Guest: Darling Nikki

  • Tell us a little about yourself……..

My name is Nikki. I’m 46 years old, single mum of Liam (22), Ocea (15) and Isobel (14). I have a deep connection with the ocean which I live near. I love to dance, be creative and throw fabulous parties. I love crafting and arts and am an avid gardener. 

  • How do you describe your perfect day?

Sleep in, have to take a moment to clear energies through visualization, say positive affirmations. Spend the morning swimming, sunbaking reading books, then spend my afternoon cooking creating, gardening, sipping an evening cocktail and hanging out with my family and friends.

  • When did you realize you had this special gift?

I’ve always been a very vivid dreamer and had awareness of other worldly energies. It really began when my mum taught my friends and I how to do a Ouija board. This then went on to my girlfriends and I exploring contact with spirits. I started predicting events that would happen with us that came true. This had me searching for more understanding and knowledge around the psychic / medium abilities and magic/witchcraft and crystals. 

  • Can you remember your first ‘visit’?

My first memory of the visit was at 16/17 years old and there being a predominate spirit that would visit, my friends and I when channeling spirits. I remember seeing him clearly (it’s like when you see people in your dreams)

  • What generally happens when the spirits want to talk to you? Do you see spirits? How do they communicate with you?

Over 30 years of working as a medium, I have learned to control the way spirits contact me. I have allocated a place of work where I am open to communicating with spirits. I see clients and connect to their higher self and bring though the spirit who wish to communicate with them. I see their spirit guides, past over loved ones, angels, ancestors & elementals. I believe I do this by tuning into the frequency and vibrations of the spirit energies. I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant and clairsentience.  

  • What has been the most unusual thing that has happened?

I guess I’m always excited and blown away when things, messages or details come through from loved ones that are so detailed and specific that mean so much to the client and there’s no way I could know these details any other way than communicating with the spirits.  

  • Do the spirits come to you without calling them to share messages with their loved ones that are still alive? No, this doesn’t happen now. Yes, once upon a time this would happen but now as I’m doing up to 50 readings a week I really do tune out and close down my abilities to hear spirits. I’ve made a clear deal with my higher self on how and when I will do this work.   

Where has been the most haunting place for you? The Blue Mountains here in Australia!! Hands down it is so haunted, also Mangrove Mountains in certain areas I’ve found to have high spirit activity.  

Which 3 spirits would you invite to a cocktail party? Prince, David Bowie and my Nana

What do you see for 2021? We can become more conscious and awakened. 2021 represents our beginning journey into the age of Aquarius and a new revolution of love.

Where and how can people contact you? I can be contacted though The Chameleon New Age Salon Facebook and Instagram page. My Facebook page is Nikki Astarya Psychic Medium

A little history:

Nikki and Alessa have been friends for 41 years….no, that’s not a typo…they met in kindergarten at the ripe young age of 5 years old. If anyone could share stories of a younger Alessa it would be Nikki! With Alessa traveling and Nikki moving states they have not seen each other for about 20 years. With any luck they will reconnect in the next few year to see each other face to face with cocktails in hand in the afternoon, which seems to be both their favorite thing to do…….cheers!

Cute Succulent in Coffee Cup

I’ve seen this cute succulent gardens in all types of containers lately. One day while looking through some boxes I had in storage, I found one coffee cup that did not match with any of the other coffee cups in the box, so I decided to create this little succulent garden and gift it to someone I love.

Looking online I found this webpage (Succulents & Sunshine) that has very useful information. Not only it gives you tips on arranging succulents in various containers, it also teaches you how to take care of the arrangements afterwards (hint: how much you water it is super important!). And it has plenty of videos and a succulent for beginners course. Other great websites to take a look at are The Spruce, Succulent City and Crafty Chica.

Things you’ll need: Cute container (I used a coffee cup, but you can use any cute container you’ll like. For those who love thrift stores, I’m sure you can find many vintage containers at an affordable price). Assorted succulents (I already had the succulents, I’m trying to save them, so they are sorta like a rescue succulent arrangement). Cactus/succulent soil (make sure you use a well draining soil with large particles). A drill (this is optional. I didn’t drill my coffee cup. However, if I had, I need to make sure a drill safe for ceramic is used). A watering container with a sprout for watering afterwards (a measuring container that everyone already has at home is great for watering succulents, plus you can measure the how much water you’re putting in the arrangement. Other great options are a squeeze bottle or a pipette). Again go check out Succulents and Sunshine IG page and webpage, I love it!

Arrangement steps: Add a little of soil to the bottom of container. Add succulents. Add more soil around, making sure you are covering the roots (get your hands dirty). Water and voila! 🙂 xoxo Elisa


I am featuring an esthetician this month who is close to my heart. 

Her name is Courtney and she is a fabulous skin expert. She works at a company in Fort Lauderdale, Revivify and specializes in medical grade skincare.

She is amazing at delivering a relaxing experience with clinical results.

Courtney has been a licensed esthetician for the last 12 years and is OBSESSED with all things skincare. Her treatment room will have you feeling so good. From start to finish, the knowledge, expertise, and professionalism is felt. 

She offers incredible custom facials that are designed to give you the GLOW you want. She also offers the Hydrafacial system with boosters and the Keravive system for hair growth.

One of her favorite procedures is to rejuvenate the skin and scalp with PRP (platelet enriched plasma) though microneedling with the SkinPen.The SkinPen is an FDA approved device that provides treatment with little downtime. It is a perfect treatment for patients with a busy schedule.

Natural Recovery: SkinPen’s mechanical process is versatile and usable year-round.

Safe for all Skin Types: Clinically proven effective on all skin types, Fitzpatrick 1 – 6 (classifies the different skin types and shades).

Safe and Sound: The First FDA-cleared microneedling device on the market

Comfortable: A light numbing cream may be used to minimize discomfort

Revivify offers so many services including IV therapy, hormone replacement, injectables, and incredible medical facial services. 

They are open from 9am-6pm Monday-Friday and 11am-3pm on Saturdays.


  • Sleep on a clean pillowcase post procedure and change 2 times a week
  • wipe phone down with alcohol daily or use a UV sanitizer
  • Wash daily twice a day
  • exfoliate 2 times a week
  • find a good esthetician who can guide you on a custom journey for fabulous skin
  • pro treatments once a month
  • Anti Aging Gold standard= Vitamin C in the AM and Retinoic acid in PM
  • Current favorites are Skin Better Alto and Alpha Ret
  • Elta MD- broadspectrum sunscreen UVA and UVB protection

All the best,


Joshua Tree in Four Days

I had no business planning a trip this past October. Travel was kind of frowned upon, and I was kind of scared actually. Deep down in the pits of my soul, I knew I had to put myself in a new environment. Work was intense (but was lucky to have a job) and home – work – home – work was not good for my creative and mental state.

We had an accommodation credit in Joshua Tree (we had to cancel a massive West Coast road trip that we had planned in the summer) and we were not sure we could fit this trip in next year. We additionally used flight credit to get us there (yep, from the cancelled summer trip and the Spring trip we cancelled to Mexico – damn you Covid 19).

Joshua Tree has been calling me for years, though I am not sure why. I learned when people asked me where I was going, that JT was not as well known as I thought it was. It is an American national park in southeastern California, east of Los Angeles and San Bernardino, near Palm Springs. It is named for the Joshua trees native to the Mojave Desert. We opted to fly into Las Vegas, and rented a car. I love Vegas, I have some very good friends there so it made sense for us to take this route. We planned a 6 day trip (2 days travel) – and yes, that was such a short time for the length of travel, but like I said my soul was speaking to me loud and clear!!

My go to website and app is Roadtrippers. Their site is super user friendly. You type where you start and end your trip, and it shows not only the route but everything in-between like attractions, where to eat, nature spots, accommodation and more.

First stop was Seven Magic Mountains – absolutely worth stopping by. This artwork has been said to be taken down some time in 2021 – so get your asses there before it goes.

Renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone’s colorful large-scale, public artwork Seven Magic Mountains is an exhibition located in the desert outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring seven, 30 to 35-feet high day glow totems comprised of painted, locally-sourced boulders. Visible across the desert landscape along Interstate 15, Seven Magic Mountains offers a creative critique of the simulacra of destinations like Las Vegas. According to Rondinone, the location is physically and symbolically mid-way between the natural and the artificial: the natural is expressed by the mountain ranges, desert, and Jean Dry Lake backdrop, and the artificial is expressed by the highway and the constant flow of traffic between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Along the way

We definitely took a couple of wrong turns, lol. We were in no rush other than to get to Cholla Cactus Garden by sunset – that was a must for me. With a couple of stops to stretch our legs we stumble across this interesting collection of blown out shoes at Shoe Fence, Rice. Rice is a little ghost town on Route 62, south tip of The Mojave Desert.

Cholla Cactus Garden

You can find the Cholla Cactus Garden on the Pinto Basin Road. This area is dominated by the famous jumping Cholla Cactus, also known as the Teddy Bear Cholla. There is a nice ¼ mile loop hike through the middle of this beautiful cactus garden and they really seem to light up around sunset. Just a word of caution, avoid sandals and stay on the trail. Do not attempt to touch or rub up against them! They easily attach to you and are very unpleasant to remove – yes, I walked backwards into one and Eddie had to pull the spikes out of my butt cheeks lol. Why was I walking backwards off the trail you ask? Because I wanted to get “THE” photo! Lucky I wasn’t on the edge of the cliff!! We arrived about an hour before sunset, and boy were we in for a treat. It was beautiful, the reds in the sky was deep and intense. Once the sun set, the full moon rose above the hill and bats flew above us. This was Halloween night, it was perfect.

Our Accommodation

We stayed at a converted water tower. I think because of it being Halloween, all the campsites were full at the parks. Again, we had the credit so we used it. It was interesting. We slept well, but the space in the water tower was not so comfortable. The bathroom situation was a little shocking – even for a seasoned backpacker (yes, me). It was in the low 40’s, so it was cold, cold to be outside. But when the shower and the portaloo is outside in the 40’s it was not ideal. The shower temperature was hot and perfect but the shower stall had only 3 walls, what happened to the door? I don’t know why there wasn’t one, I had Eddie be my body guard. Then once you dried up you had to walk on the sand back, there was no walk way. I don’t know, it was expensive to stay and I’m not sure I’d be back there but overall – the Tower was immaculate, cool interior design and had a fun rooftop. With that said and my complaint out of the way; we had a lovely night by the fire pit (you can see in the photo inserted) eating Chinese, drinking red wine and listening to the neighbors playing Talking Heads. It was literally perfect.

The Hikes

We chose a few of the mini hikes for the few days we were there. Arch Rock, Cap Rock, Skull Rock, 49 Palms and Split Rock. I can’t even begin to describe this area – ok, a lot of rocks but gigantic rocks. Big gigantic rocks that some how have another massive rock on top as if someone put a cherry on top to decorate it. This area took my breath away – this is where my soul started singing. I didn’t want to leave.

Cool StuffCrochet Museum and Art Queen Complex

Just a short walk from the Joshua Tree Visitor Center you have little to no excuse not to visit the World Famous Crochet Museum. Take some time browsing the strange, adorable, and extensive collection of crochet creatures, along with the Art Queen Installations and Art and Clothing Gallery located at 61855 Highway 62 in Joshua Tree, California.

On the way home

I love an interesting road trip and the the drive back on Route 66 back to Vegas did not disappoint. There were ghost towns, an inactive volcano with lava matter all over and my favorite – the Mojave Desert. I love the beach and the mountains but the Desert has my heart. I will be back dear desert.

This maybe my favorite photo of the trip – I don’t know though there were many for me : )

See you soon,