Breast Milk Recipes

For all the mommies that have been following me (dads too!) I’m back today to share another amazing way to use breast milk in the first months of your child’s life. Whether you are planning to follow baby led weaning or plan to stick to traditional pureed foods, eating solids are an important milestone inContinue reading “Breast Milk Recipes”

Amazing Women Entrepreneurs

One of the main goals we had when creating this blog, was to showcase women entrepreneurs. We started our ‘guest of the month’ series a year ago. We hope we introduced our readers to many amazing women who are working hard towards achieving their dreams. Here’s a recap of the 12 ladies we featured soContinue reading “Amazing Women Entrepreneurs”

Breast milk is only for drinking? Nope!

Have you ever given your little one a milk bath? Do you know the many benefits maternal breast milk has? Breast milk contains so many essential nutrients that are beneficial not only to their developmental growth but also to the baby’s skin. It lives up to its name liquid gold The content of breast milk includes fatsContinue reading “Breast milk is only for drinking? Nope!”

Hot Guy Corner

We would very much like to introduce to you a corner full of our known talented men. They are funny, strong and friggin’ talented. We start here with Alessa’s hubby – Eddie…..with a round of applause here he is: The man behind COCK & COW BBQ Describe your product to us: I would probably describeContinue reading “Hot Guy Corner”

Meet the proud mama and daughter duo of Justy Bae Shop.

I met Kitty a couple of months ago, and immediately it felt like I’ve known her all my life. She has this amazing, contagious, full of good vibes personality that just draws you in and immediately you want to be her friend! Without further ado, here’s Kitty and her little queen Justice Rae. xoxo Elisa.Continue reading “Meet the proud mama and daughter duo of Justy Bae Shop.”

Memorial Day – honoring and remembering our fallen soldiers.

Memorial Day is a holiday were lots of people travel to cities like Miami to have a good time. But, we cannot forget the meaning of this day, which is to honor and remember the fallen soldiers of the United States military. Many people will visit cemeteries and memorials on this day. How this dayContinue reading “Memorial Day – honoring and remembering our fallen soldiers.”

Out and About – Manolo Valdés Outdoor Exhibition

Art lovers flock to Miami in huge masses every year during the world-famous Art Basel week. But, locals get to enjoy museums, sculptures, and street art all year long. In recent years, plenty of public art displays have been popping up in places like the Design District and the City of Coral Gables. Due toContinue reading “Out and About – Manolo Valdés Outdoor Exhibition”