A guide: The right floral designer

Things to have in mind when hiring a florist for your wedding:
Congratulation! You are getting married. I can say by a personal experience that this can be the most exciting event you plan in your life! At least for me it was, and I am lucky to see it every time I design a wedding, however, it can be a little overwhelming and confusing, especially looking for a florist and deciding your look.
To make it a bit easier for you, I created a list of things you should know before booking a florist, to make the process smoother.

  1. Do some research and explore to look for ideas and inspirations: This is great and fun idea. Collect pictures of bouquets, centerpieces, colors and styles, this way you have a precise concept of what you want and is easier to communicate with your future florist. Have in mind things you like, and things that define you and your partner.
  2. Make sure you have all the answers: It can be a lot, but is better to look for a florist and ask for a proposal when you know exactly what you need, how many tables, round or rectangular, how many guest, the color of your linen if you are using them. It is best to know every single detail this way your florist can give a precise price and lots of ideas.
  3. Have a budget and be realistic about it: This can sound a little harsh but it is very important to be realistic of what you can spend and do some research to have a better understanding of how much flowers cost, just because you want something simple it doesn’t mean it will be less expensive. It all depends in the amount of things you need, and the flowers that will be used. Have in mind that a florist cannot work alone, they need a team to create all the arrangements, a space to work and lots of materials! You are not only paying for the flowers.
  4. Do it for you and your partner: it is very important to enjoy the process and have in mind that this moment is for you and your partner, so do not stress out trying to please your family members and friends, you will get a lot of opinions about everything, not only the flowers for your wedding, so be true to yourself and do what you really want and what really makes you and your partner happy.
  5. Book your florist on time: after you decided what you are looking for and found your dream florist, do not wait until the last minute to book them, make sure you do it ahead of time, this way is less stressful in both ends, and their is plenty of time to work on all the details
  6. Trust your florist: If you explained everything and really described what you are looking for, is time to trust your florist with the final result, do not stress out on how everything is going to look, trust their talent and let them design your beautiful wedding.
    Have a happy and beautiful wedding!
    With love
    Ana Bedoya

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