Six Hours One Way

My favorite stretch of the trip, in spring you will see a lot of flowers in the middle of the highway.

As you all know by now Eddie and I have slowly been chipping away at the renovations in Georgia, by slow I mean at a snails pace. Not only has gas been ridiculously expensive, Eddie’s truck takes $60 per fill and need to be filled twice each way. Soooo, it’s cheaper for him to fly to New York than to drive to our house!! He has been taking my trusty Prius to cut on gas, my car needs about $35 from house to house each way. I’m telling you my Prius is the SHIT!

Anyway, my post is not about our cars…..I want to talk about my 6 hour drive each way. I drive this at least once or twice a month. I drive up Wednesday and drive back on Thursday, yes, I’m literally there in the house less than 24 hours and I’m driving 12 hours.

My 12 hours driving is as therapeutic and golden as my time alone doing crochet at home. I love that drive, especially when I get off I95 and hit the 295 highway and drive through a State Forest. Once I hit that stretch of road I only have an hour and half to go and phone signal is ok at best.

I don’t know if you know this about me but A) I’m obsessed with true crime and B) I have been a die hard groupie of Counting Crows since the minute they released August and Everything After in the 1800’s (yeah, it feels that long). This is my driving recipe: 5:1. Five hours of horrifying murders and stories of solving or the unsolved to singing as loud I can; to every word I have memorized in the 200 + years I’ve been listening to Counting Crows. The latter gives me the second wind I need in the long drive, it’s like I just drank the Yellow can of Redbull. I am re-energized – Have you seen me lately from the Across the Wire – literally does something to my soul. Every-damn-time!

Here are my top picks for FREE podcast library that will give you so many enjoyable hours – you may fund them through their Patreon accounts should you wish to, some offer additional episodes by funding their account:

Casefile: If you can get past the haunting voice of the narrator, I think his stories are the most chilling.

Killafornia Dreaming: This one was one of my first ones I listened to. I like her very much. She seems like a regular girl, who has a regular life that she sprinkles in, sharing her not so great relationship with her mom, her rocky marriage to her husby, her love for her daughter and dogs. Through her stories, she will pipe up her opinions – whether she agrees or not. I like her because she could easily be a friend.

Loose Units: This is a father and son duo. I love them so much. They banter back and forth, the dad is a cop from Sydney in the ’80’s and the son has written a couple of books based on his dad’s experiences as a cop; and then the next series is they dissect every chapter together and get the real true story. It really is fun and light. John the dad is great on Instagram and he actually responds and has communicated with me : ) It kind of has pushed me to write my book! Did I mention that I love them???

True Crime Garage: 2 guys discussing unsolved crimes, they open the show with a shout out to a craft / local beer brew. They accept funding for beer-and they will mention you to say thanks!

How I Survived: There are a couple of versions; one a real life situation with men and women in incidents – like hiking, hang gliding or even a guy who accidentally face planted his chainsaw- honestly he lived to tell the tale; and the other series with the same name is about women who were able to get away from an attacker, or kidnapper. Crazyyyyy

Strictly Stalking: Just as the name says; they (they sound like they are male and female best friends) solely interview men and women who have been stalked by crazy people. I have to say, this has open my eyes and has given me a new perspective on how idiotically crazy people can be, it is truly frightening. The common thread in this is that if you are stalked; you really have not rights in being able to protect yourself with the Police and not much time is given by anyone else. The major note is that you have to gather you notes, keep pushing and don’t give up!

Australian True Crime: These gals have all sorts of guests, holy cow, so interesting! From coroners, to cops, detectives, crime authors, crims/ex crims, the list is so long but my ultimate favorite guest is Narelle Fraser. I would love to have a beer with Narelle.

Dateline (NBC): Man oh man, you know the show. Get on this podcast now!

How I Built This: Ok. No one dies in this podcast BUT it is very interesting. Especially, if you are interested in a start up business. Founders of Crate and Barrel, Larabar and dozens more. Most of them, not all mind you (there are just some crazy savvy business people from birth), but majority are just regular folks who had an idea and freaking ran with it. Ran like Forest Gump ran.

I think I just listed over 2000 hours of free listening. You are freakin’ welcome my friends. I am happy to discuss any stories you have listened to!!

Alessa xx

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