The Legend behind Wonder Soil

This article is dedicated to my wonderful dear friend Patti. May she rest in a wonderful and colorful afterlife.

If you’re in the plant trend since the Pandemic, you may want to listen closely. For me, this product has been my go to outdoor plant mix of all time. And do you know what the best thing is? Is that my girl developed this product and my plants love it! As she was developing product through the years and talking about it, I was able to see all the different tests and sample she was conducting – with my own eyes! She would share countless amount of product with me to test for myself.

We lived near each other for a few years, though she moved to Las Vegas permanently to push her factory and production. Again, I was lucky to see this factory in motion when I would visit her. All her time and love went into her product. She would share statistics on how golf courses in Vegas would reduce the water usage to keeping their greens in immaculate condition. To the normal person, not me anyways, I didn’t think of how the golf courses stay green in the desert? But, she’s right… cost a lot of damn money and time to keep them luscious with a lot of hard work in that unforgiving sun and heat. Her products make it easier in care and water usage – this in turn would save money in labor and water.

I had always used the wafers, (and of course my favorite part is adding the water – see video below) and the Sprout House but I had no idea that her products had multiplied over the years! If you’re the kind of person that forgets to water your outdoor plants; the wafer will save you (ok, save your plants). Did you know that in comparison to your better names soils from Home Depot you need to water them more than twice as much as if you would use Wonder Soil? I tested this with my own plants, with a written diary and all. Of course some plants are thirstier than others but I can guarantee you that if you go away for the week on that long deserved vacation, this fabulous mix will keep your beauties alive!

So what is this Wonder Soil? (from their website) WONDER SOIL® has forged ahead to become the front runner in COIR INNOVATION with numerous patents issued. WONDER SOIL® IS committed to reduce the international environmental carbon footprint by producing state-of-the-art expanding planting mixes that are PEAT FREE AND save up to 50% water, space, freight, power, and labor. WONDER SOIL’S® patented mixes are 100% biodegradable and promote faster germination with stronger root systems, better growth, and healthier plants.

I will always love her with all my heart and have been very lucky to have had her as my friend. Wonder Soil continues to be a family owned company. Order your wafers here!

Much love, A

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