Start your engines!

Since I was little I loved watching Formula 1 with my twin sister. I don’t remember how or why we started watching all the weekend races. But, I know we wouldn’t miss one. At that time my favorite was Senna, today I love Hamilton. So, when I found out that Red Bull Racing was going to bring their Pit Stop Challenge, along with a real racing car, to my job, I got super excited! 
Miami will host it’s first Formula 1 race in 2022. The Miami Grand Prix will take place in the Miami International Autodrome with a 10-year contract. It’s great to see that Miami is growing in their world-class events. We already have the Miami Open for tennis, another one of my favorite sports. Hopefully there will be many more of these cool events coming in the future. 
Did you know Red Bull Racing pit stop crew holds the world record of 1.82 seconds? Wow! 
Challenge yourself and your friends for the fastest time. Perhaps even winning from the records holders 😉

The Red Bull Pit Stop Challenge is taking place today at The Doral Yard. And it wouldn’t be a proper event without a cocktail. The special cocktail of the day is the Yard Prix, made with Simple Vodka, Red Bull Yellow Edition, San Pellegrino Aranciata. Join me in the fun!

xoxo Elisa

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