Sneak Peek

I just couldn’t help giving you a little peek into the transformation into the house in Georgia. Please keep in mind, I admit, it is about 90% done in all the rooms I’m about to share but you’ll get the direction it’s going in. A lot of paint and sweat has gone into it thus far…..

The living room – this is still an on going project – the 3 walls are painted with 2 layers of primer and 2 layers of paint with built-in primer. I researched the best paint and primer for wood slat walls (thank you Sherwin Williams), and before you yell at me, there was so much lacquered orangey wood it was bad. These wood panels were the trend in the 70’s. Not to mention there is wood on the floors and ceiling. Each wall took me an average of 7 hours per wall, up and down the ladder. What made it a long daunting task was that I had to paint each groove of the slats then roll over it with a roller so I did not get paint brush marks – repeat 4 times per wall. It was hell. I can’t finish the 4th wall until Eddie is done with the kitchen…..soon my friends, soon.

The entry has been my next plan of attack, as mentioned in my last post the wallpaper had to go. I began to strip….the wallpaper. Strip, strip, strip, primer paint, then paint 2 coats, wood filler there, a couch here, a DIY macrame piece there and there you go a nice spot to sit by the fire place with my organite, smudging abolone shell and a prosperity acorn from Italy : )

As soon as you walk into the front door you are/were greeted by a planter and the 2 sided fireplace. I get the fact that they put the planter here for 2 reasons: to make the entry be an entry so you were forced to turn left and that it would be a great decorative piece if you were able to maintain healthy plants there. Well, the way I see it is that there is not enough light there to have the plants that I want and the dining chair on the other side of it felt cramped. We decided to knock it down. It was a very well made piece with a more wood than you can imagine and enough nails and staples to sink Noah’s ark. Bravo builders!

Now this automatically leads to begin stripping in the small dining room….the wallpaper. Not to toot my own horn here, but at this point I am a master stripper…of wallpaper. I have past the point of frustration and have learned the ways of it to be therapeutic.

I LOVE STRIPPING……wallpaper!

I will continue to decorate with items that ‘sparks joy’, that takes time to collect.

Next on the to-do-list:

  • finish the kitchen, including kitchen flooring.
  • ugly pink bathroom. I bought the floor tiles already! It was on sale at Lowes. Frankie says this bathroom reminds him of a gas station bathroom. Ugh.
  • scraping and painting the ceiling.
  • the blue bathroom. To me it’s not ugly, just super outdated.
  • sanding and staining the floor boards.
  • white washing the brick fire place.
  • then the biggest project, the guest house.

I’m guessing we will be done renovating 2030?

This knee pad has helped me reach the lower parts of the walls in comfort! I used it each time I strip : ). Link

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