Beyond Van Gogh

Last week I had the pleasure to experience the wonderful exhibition Beyond Van Gogh Miami – The Immersive Experience. My mom and I share a love for Vincent van Gogh’s work, so it was a perfect Sunday evening mother & daughter date.

This immersive experience has been shown in cities all over Europe and it’s now a craze in many cities in the United States. This particular exhibition was created by Creative Director Mathieu St-Arnaud and his team at Normal Studio in Montreal. Through digital art and projections, this type of exhibitions are able to bring many people to enjoy art that perhaps they would not be able to see. A modern art world! I’m fortunate enough to have seen Van Gogh’s work at his museum in Amsterdam, but I was so glad to experience his work in a brand new way.

When you arrive to Ice Palace Studios, be prepared to have $20 cash for valet parking (street parking around the area is limited). We arrived about half an hour earlier just in case there was a long wait, our tickets were scheduled at 8:00pm. We headed to the cafe and had delicious sangrias.

Once you are inside the exhibition it takes about one hour to see it all. The first room references to the ‘Sunflowers’ and “Irises’ (picture/social media opportunity here!). Then you go into ‘Starry Night’ before going into a very dark room full of gold frames and projected text/images. This room you should navigate slowly as you read through his story, and how his art was created from his pain. The last room is huge, this is where the wonderful show of projections takes place. Through projection-mapping on the walls and on the floor, and music composed specifically for this event, you can immerse yourself in 300 of Van Gogh’s iconic works. The music, the images, everything is beautifully displayed. It really does make you feel you are inside his masterpieces.

Of course everyone will experience it differently. For me it was way worth it! I did not take too many photos or video because I felt I would loose the experience if I spent my time trying to capture it all. Some people where recording every single minute, and taking lots of photos for their social media. For me it was more to enjoy the moment and the feelings such moment will bring. Because at the end of the day the memories and how it made me feel is what I will be remember.

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