Breast milk is only for drinking? Nope!

Have you ever given your little one a milk bath? Do you know the many benefits maternal breast milk has? Breast milk contains so many essential nutrients that are beneficial not only to their developmental growth but also to the baby’s skin. It lives up to its name ✨liquid gold💫 The content of breast milk includes fats that are actually primary ingredients found in cosmetics such as serums and moisturizers.

Baby eczema, heat rash, baby acne, uneven skin, sun burns and even diaper rashes are just some of the few conditions the components of breast milk have been proven to help and reduce symptoms.

So how can a milk bath be prepared? Exactly how much do you need? Does it need to fresh? Can I use breast milk that has stayed out of fridge past recommended time? 

Generally speaking 150-180 ml of breast milk can be mixed in with warm water: the water should be opaque but clear enough to still see through. Once the bath is prepared allow the baby to soak up to 8 minutes or more if needed. Repeat 2x a week for maximum results. 

Breast milk contains essential fatty acids such as Lauric Acid, found in coconut oil, which has antimicrobial properties. Linoleic acid is another constituent of breast milk that moisturises, lightens spots and minimises inflammation. This is why applying a few drops of breast milk can also heal dry, cracked and sore nipples in the mother from breast feeding.

If you ever leave a couple ounces of milk that baby did not finish or were left out passed the recommended time frame, try and use it for your next milk bath! Remember they don’t call it liquid gold for nothing!

‘Til next time, Grace

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