Hot Guy Corner

We would very much like to introduce to you a corner full of our known talented men. They are funny, strong and friggin’ talented.

We start here with Alessa’s hubby – Eddie…..with a round of applause here he is:

The man behind COCK & COW BBQ

Describe your product to us: I would probably describe my product as ‘fresh as it can be’. Just like anyone who loves what they do, I put my heart and soul into my product. Always using the best ingredients available and cooking to temperature and not to time.

How did you get started: My love for smoking meats started a while ago. The flavor anything you cook over and open flame with charcoal or wood is so satisfying. I’ve always liked to grill. However, smoking is so much different than just grilling. I like to do a Texas style BBQ. BBQ started for me during the pandemic in 2020. This is when I started to take it seriously. I mean, I always tried a little pulled pork every now and then or throw in some wood chips when grilling, but during the pandemic it got pretty serious. I managed to tame the brisket. This particular cut of meat is no easy task, but there is, as always something new to learn when doing Texas BBQ. I like to experiment with. a few different seasonings every now and then just to keep it a little fun.

What has been the most challenging thing so far for the business? The most challenging thing about smoking meats is the time it takes. You are practically babysitting the smoker. Especially when doing brisket. Brisket is an animal that is hard to tame. The weather conditions, the airflow, the type of wood or charcoal – they all play a part. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have a set it and forget it type of smoker (maybe I should get one, wink, wink!) I have to constantly keep checking the temperature gauge to make sure it does not go above 250 degrees, anything above 275 is not considered low and slow. The other challenge for me is getting people to accept the fact that BBQ is not just grilling meats on an open flame, smoking meats is a technique or an art form, if you want to get fancy, but there is nothing fancy about Texas style BBQ, keep it simple.

How did the name come about: The name Cock and Cow came about over some margaritas one day with my wife. She tells a better story about the name so I will let her tell it…..

Well……after several sips….and bantering back and forth about names, I (Alessa) had said that I like the English Pub names, like the Fox and Ferret, Horse and Hound, Dog and Goose, you get the idea. As I mentioned the trio of Pig, Cow and Chicken, Eddie asked why is the Pig always the logo for BBQ? Well, the pig won’t be mentioned in the name then. A few more sips of cheap tequila margaritas I invented the full story: The pig escaped the farm stack of Cow, Pig, Chicken (hence he is outside the shield). For being naughty his name is not mentioned. So it was the Chicken and the Cow. The chicken didn’t sound oomphy enough. The dry English/Australian humor in me blurted out Cock and Cow. Eddie’s reaction was “whaaaattt??” but he didn’t say no! I continued with my pitch; yes, yes this is it. You have to say Cock and Cow like you mean it. It will be shocked into people’s memory. People will remember.

Where can they find you and how can they order? They call or DM me to order and I will help create portioning with them. I don’t have an online ordering system yet. The website is up and running, they can see photos and the menu there. I’m not so good at social media….sorry.

IG: @cockandcowbbq

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