Front door views

Through the months of March, April and May, Eddie, the kids and I went on a couple of road trips – North Carolina (twice) driving through Georgia. Sometime before the trip we had this grand scheme to purchase a fixer upper house….oh you know, because we have a lot of time and money on our hands. Thinking back; what the hell made this sound like a good idea? We couldn’t afford a new couch but suddenly we were buying a house? Saying this out loud makes me sound insane.

Through the 2000 miles that we drove like a ping pong up and down I95. We stopped at several house viewings, let me tell you most were pretty horrific. I had Champagne taste on a beer budget but I was determined.

Almost perfect

The first one was almost perfect; just a little too small. We almost went back for a second look. It was a great start.

2nd: The realtor had some issues getting a key to let us in, after the fiasco she brought this angry man who cursed her out in front of us – it was really bad and embarrassing for all of us. The house was not worth all that hassle. The kitchen was disgusting and tiny. I just wanted to leave. Because the realtor had gone to so much trouble and abuse we rode it out for her.

3rd: Beautiful land, and neighborhood. Just stunning. The house had a massive wrap around deck, which was a little rickety but salvageable. The realtor let us in and all the beauty stopped at the front door. This place should not have allowed people to be in the house. The second floor was more rickety than the deck. I was expecting little hand prints made of blood on the walls. Not only was it not safe; it felt like kidnapped children had been stored here….the vibe was not good.

3rd House, view from the rickety deck

4th: This was such a waste of time; we get there and it was basically looking up the butt hole of a mechanic shop; the drill noises and all. Badly uneven floors and badly executed extension – they even had a rocking chair at the front….yes, looking up the butt hole of the open gates of the mechanic shop. NEXT.

Beautiful house in Crack Central

5th: For this viewing, we flew to North Carolina and rented a car. We had a good feeling about this one. The photo of the house was stunning. We get there and it was EXCEPT the neighborhood was the worst. I mean crackhead central, this is the worst neighborhood I’ve been to in a long time. Not only that, when we pulled up – a Funeral Home was conveintiently next door. Ughhhh. I was ready to cry.

6th: In the same trip in NC, we drove to the realtor and she was unaware that we came to look at a house – WTF?? Anyway, she flirted with Eddie and then we were off on our own without the realtor – who honestly should have been Dorothy’s girlfriend in the Golden Girls. We stopped by the “house” she should have shown us which backs up to a cotton field. The house had just gone to contract that morning. The house next door (no fence) was a sight; half the house was burned to the ground and the other half just there, wide open. Who on earth bought this house? Lucky it wasn’t us. The tiny town kind of reminded me of a place that Lightning MCQueen and Mater would have driven through.That was the end of an unsuccessful trip.

Disheartened, Sunday morning after the fiasco NC trip Eddie saw some listings and followed up on them. We were connected with a realtor and finally we were talking to someone who gave a shit. Professional and followed though; not to down play his efforts but you would think the others would have simply even called us back for a follow up, no? Not one person had. Anyway this was our man – Dusty; Dusty Sweat is his name, and what a great name it is. He and Eddie set up several viewings. Eddie went alone on this trip, zoomed back up to Georgia he went.

To make this story as short as I can from this point: HE FOUND US A PLACE. He liked it so much; we drove up together 72 hours later. Six hours each way. We placed an offer immediately and were accepted! On the Friday of Mother’s Day we closed : ) I was ecstatic that I did not have to look at another damn house!

The next several posts from me you will see some of the renovation tips, DIYs, what not to do (a lot of those) and just us getting our hands dirty.

For now; I will just show you some of my fave photos of the house….coz you’re going to see the good, the bad, the ugly soon enough inside the house. This is Waycross, Georgia!

See you soon,


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