Furniture Flipping

Furniture flipping is the new trend. Buying second hand furniture, stripping the old grime and shine and paint the piece with a fun bold color topping it off with new or treated hardware. Voila, you have a fun new piece of furniture. This my friends is not as easy as it looks, because you know me, I gave it my first try to get you the DL. You need time and patience then multiply your time and patience by 10.

Hubby and I found a cool 2nd hand furniture place in Waycross, Georgia on one of our road trips last month. I think I would have bought half the store had we been in a truck instead of my Prius. If you’re in that neck of the woods go see them ‘The What Not Shelf’. Not only do they carry furniture, they can customize the piece/pieces for you or they can make a new custom piece altogether.

I saw a pair of wood framed mirrors. Dusty and dirty but I saw the potential. They were meant to be free standing mirrors and had a pole in the back to hold itself up, like a tripod. I knew that this would be my first flipping project.


First I took off the finials and its 3rd leg stand thing. The finials were black and a little corroded, though in some spots I saw a beautiful greenish patina. I was tempted to leave them this way. I figured if I’m gonna flip, I’m gonna flip all the way, right? Eddie had suggested I soak them in Bar Keeper’s Friend (he took over this part for me). The four finials soaked for a few days (see photos below) while I worked on the mirrors. I had fine 150 grit sand paper (which I think was too fine) and started sanding away. Music, nice morning weather and mosquitos. I sprayed myself with repellent but those mozzies were not forgiving. Kept sanding, then at this point I was getting hot. Hot and bothered I took a break. I came back and thought that I should have taped the mirror to protect it incase that I scratched the mirror with the sandpaper. So I taped it with blue painter’s tape and called it a day. Repeat second day. Sanding, mosquitos and sweat. I had seen in one of the Youtube furniture flippers use liquid sand paper. Music to my ears. Home Depot was the next stop. I lathered that liquid sand paper all over the wooden frame. I brushed the whole frame with an old toothbrush and wiped it clean with a clean cloth. And wiped again and again. I felt I had done enough prep to get to the next stage.

The Stuff

I had heard of this miracle additive called BB Frosch where you add their powder to any paint and you don’t need to sand or prime. However after watching a 100 different Youtube videos I was not sure about its miracle-ness, hence all my sanding and liquid sanding prep. I poured some of my pint of Behr Ultra Scuff Defense in Aspen Valley paint into a container, separately I followed the instructions for the powder – a couple of heaped tablespoons and a little water then mix that solution to the paint. Stir, stir, stir. Now we paint. Hmmm after finishing coat one on the first frame I see a ton of flaws. Tiny nail holes and hairline crack in the wood. FML back to Home Depot. I bought a wood filler, it’s pink while wet but dries just like wood, I filled in the flaws with my finger. Once dried I had to go back with the sand paper and sand down any wood filler that wasn’t flush to the wood, you don’t want any ugly bumps under the next coat of paint. What concerned me at this point was that the paint with the “miracle” additive kind of sanded off a little too easy. It made me think twice – did I sand it enough in my prep? Is this really a miracle powder? Did I do something wrong? Anyway, I was already into my second coat so I kept going. Three coats and for good measure I added a matte clear top coat spray. One mirror was complete.

For the second one I did it a little differently, I added a light grey primer. I wanted to see if this would help paint the hold on more. I could see the nail holes and more hairline cracks that I could not see without the first layer of paint. Here I added the wood filler and sanded again. Two more coats of paint and a spray of top coat. Not sure if the additional primer was necessary, but oh well. I painted two layers of my colored paint with the added BB Frosch. I had poured enough in my first batch to last me both mirrors.

Eddie reported back with the finials. Holy cow what a difference! A little soak and a little scrub with a toothbrush. Adding the finials back on as the cherry on top, we’re done! A little wipe to the mirrors with Windex and I think I’m happy with my first attempt…….what do you think?

Any questions or anything I should have done differently, please let me know because more flipping is coming!!

I’ll report back to see if either of them scuffed easily and if it really is the miracle powder.

I have very exciting news for my next post. Really exciting…..promise.

Alessa x

Reference Youtube Video and Instagram:

Perfectly Imperfect Furniture

Furniture Flipping Teacher

Just Paint it! by Dani

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