Baby I’m Star

4 Point

I’m not sure what rock I have been living under, but I accidentally discovered a new thing (new thing to me at least) from a fashion photographer in NY…….I’m kicking myself I didn’t save his name and am crossing fingers I stumble on him again.

Anyways, he was talking about a lens filter that he uses on his regular lens that turns specular highlights into stars.

There are different point numbers ranging from 4 to 16. I bought the 4 and 6 point, the 4 point for my macro and the 6 for my 50mm. The brand is Tiffen and was purchased on Amazon, and best of all it was inexpensive!! It was about $70 for both. You literally screw this filter on to your lens and that is it, other than the filter all you need is the light hitting in the sweet spot to make a reflective light. I used glitter make-up for my project, as soon as I have time to go to the beach….I’m bringing this baby with me as I think a shot with the sun reflecting from the waves would look beyond fantastic!

So back to my project. I asked Tasha about her skills in glitter make up, she told me she was a pro. The next day we were gluing glitter on my eyelids and trimming false eyelashes. We used NYX face and body glitter and used NYX glitter primer also. I bought the lashes from TJMaxx for $1 a pair. Tasha layered 2 sets of lashes to get length and volume.

All I needed then was my camera, tripod, a glass of wine, my disco ball and the sun. Self timer was set and I shot away. What do you think?

For me to get the flare from my eyeball I flickered the disco ball to the sun so it would reflect into my eye. I was definitely seeing spots and don’t recommend doing that for a long period of time : ) All the star flares are SOOC (straight out of camera) and are not Photoshopped. I used a light skin smoother for my skin in Photoshop and converted to black and white in Lightroom.

Much love,


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