Sir Earl Palmer

Who doesn’t love an Arnold Palmer? And no, I don’t mean the Arnold Palmer the pro golfer although I’m sure he’s a great man. I mean the tea, you know, 1/2 lemonade + 1/2 tea= so good!! My cocktail is inspired by this.

Made with 2 of my favorite beverages; earl grey tea and gin : ) The brand of tea that I like is Rishi. You can find the brand’s tea bags in the supermarket BUT it is NOT the same. I buy it online and loose tea leaves, not cheap but I just love so much. And of course my go-to Gin, Hendricks Mid Summer Solstice.

Pour a thin layer of sugar on a plate. With a thin lemon wedge, gently rim the glass. While the rim is still wet with the lemon juice turn the glass upside down and gently rotate the glass in the sugar. Fill glass with ice carefully as not to ruin the sugar rim. Set aside.

In a shaker add the rest of the ingredients. Shake and pour over ice. Garnish with the lemon slice.

Cheers and drink responsibly!


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