Our Special Guest: Darling Nikki

  • Tell us a little about yourself……..

My name is Nikki. I’m 46 years old, single mum of Liam (22), Ocea (15) and Isobel (14). I have a deep connection with the ocean which I live near. I love to dance, be creative and throw fabulous parties. I love crafting and arts and am an avid gardener. 

  • How do you describe your perfect day?

Sleep in, have to take a moment to clear energies through visualization, say positive affirmations. Spend the morning swimming, sunbaking reading books, then spend my afternoon cooking creating, gardening, sipping an evening cocktail and hanging out with my family and friends.

  • When did you realize you had this special gift?

I’ve always been a very vivid dreamer and had awareness of other worldly energies. It really began when my mum taught my friends and I how to do a Ouija board. This then went on to my girlfriends and I exploring contact with spirits. I started predicting events that would happen with us that came true. This had me searching for more understanding and knowledge around the psychic / medium abilities and magic/witchcraft and crystals. 

  • Can you remember your first ‘visit’?

My first memory of the visit was at 16/17 years old and there being a predominate spirit that would visit, my friends and I when channeling spirits. I remember seeing him clearly (it’s like when you see people in your dreams)

  • What generally happens when the spirits want to talk to you? Do you see spirits? How do they communicate with you?

Over 30 years of working as a medium, I have learned to control the way spirits contact me. I have allocated a place of work where I am open to communicating with spirits. I see clients and connect to their higher self and bring though the spirit who wish to communicate with them. I see their spirit guides, past over loved ones, angels, ancestors & elementals. I believe I do this by tuning into the frequency and vibrations of the spirit energies. I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant and clairsentience.  

  • What has been the most unusual thing that has happened?

I guess I’m always excited and blown away when things, messages or details come through from loved ones that are so detailed and specific that mean so much to the client and there’s no way I could know these details any other way than communicating with the spirits.  

  • Do the spirits come to you without calling them to share messages with their loved ones that are still alive? No, this doesn’t happen now. Yes, once upon a time this would happen but now as I’m doing up to 50 readings a week I really do tune out and close down my abilities to hear spirits. I’ve made a clear deal with my higher self on how and when I will do this work.   

Where has been the most haunting place for you? The Blue Mountains here in Australia!! Hands down it is so haunted, also Mangrove Mountains in certain areas I’ve found to have high spirit activity.  

Which 3 spirits would you invite to a cocktail party? Prince, David Bowie and my Nana

What do you see for 2021? We can become more conscious and awakened. 2021 represents our beginning journey into the age of Aquarius and a new revolution of love.

Where and how can people contact you? I can be contacted though The Chameleon New Age Salon Facebook and Instagram page. My Facebook page is Nikki Astarya Psychic Medium

A little history:

Nikki and Alessa have been friends for 41 years….no, that’s not a typo…they met in kindergarten at the ripe young age of 5 years old. If anyone could share stories of a younger Alessa it would be Nikki! With Alessa traveling and Nikki moving states they have not seen each other for about 20 years. With any luck they will reconnect in the next few year to see each other face to face with cocktails in hand in the afternoon, which seems to be both their favorite thing to do…….cheers!

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