Cute Succulent in Coffee Cup

I’ve seen this cute succulent gardens in all types of containers lately. One day while looking through some boxes I had in storage, I found one coffee cup that did not match with any of the other coffee cups in the box, so I decided to create this little succulent garden and gift it to someone I love.

Looking online I found this webpage (Succulents & Sunshine) that has very useful information. Not only it gives you tips on arranging succulents in various containers, it also teaches you how to take care of the arrangements afterwards (hint: how much you water it is super important!). And it has plenty of videos and a succulent for beginners course. Other great websites to take a look at are The Spruce, Succulent City and Crafty Chica.

Things you’ll need: Cute container (I used a coffee cup, but you can use any cute container you’ll like. For those who love thrift stores, I’m sure you can find many vintage containers at an affordable price). Assorted succulents (I already had the succulents, I’m trying to save them, so they are sorta like a rescue succulent arrangement). Cactus/succulent soil (make sure you use a well draining soil with large particles). A drill (this is optional. I didn’t drill my coffee cup. However, if I had, I need to make sure a drill safe for ceramic is used). A watering container with a sprout for watering afterwards (a measuring container that everyone already has at home is great for watering succulents, plus you can measure the how much water you’re putting in the arrangement. Other great options are a squeeze bottle or a pipette). Again go check out Succulents and Sunshine IG page and webpage, I love it!

Arrangement steps: Add a little of soil to the bottom of container. Add succulents. Add more soil around, making sure you are covering the roots (get your hands dirty). Water and voila! 🙂 xoxo Elisa

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