The Brownie and the Ice Cream

To celebrate National Brownie Day I hit the endless pages of Pinterest to find this recipe from . The title reads ‘The Best Cocoa Fudge Brownies’, and is it really ‘The Best’?? OH YES IT IS MY FRIENDS!! Head over to her page to get the recipe. She describes them as:

  • shiny, crispy, and crackly on top
  • rich and fudgy in the middle
  • loaded with gooey chocolate chips
  • made with affordable everyday ingredients
  • completely from scratch
  • sure to become your new favorite brownie recipe
  • always a crowd-pleaser!!!

She is not wrong! I love brownies with ice cream. I love my ice cream with cookies, coffee, cake, on its own, the list is endless- clearly I like ice cream with everything : ) Although the brownie recipe is gearing to basic ingredients that is affordable, I totally went opposite with my ice cream and headed over to my favorite adults only boozy ice cream shop Aubi & Ramsa in the Design District, Miami. I selected The Scotch and Decadence, it is a rich chocolate ice cream made with The Dalmore 12yrs with chocolate and pecan, topped with dulce de leche swirl. They have so many boozy ice creams and sorbets to choose from, just don’t go with anyone under 21!

This paired combination of the warm brownie and the cold ice cream just blew my taste buds to the moon and back – be prepared : )


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