Katherine’s Earthy Goodies Ginger Tonic

Direct from Sugar Hill, GA USA – introducing Katherine’s Earthy Goodies Ginger Tonic Immunity Booster. While the name may be quite a mouthful, this tonic is made with all natural ingredients that lives up to it’s locally made label. 
The creator of this tonic is Paula, my sister-in-law. She started out making this for her daughter, Pandorah (age 8) – to combat her seasonal allergies and cold symptoms. Paula is an avid naturalist mom, where she insists on making her own medicines over purchasing store bought-solutions. She has other remedies up her sleeve, but the Ginger Tonic Immunity Booster has been a family favorite for over 2 years. What’s more, to continue with family love, the company label “Katherine’s Earthy Goodies” is named after her beloved sister who recently passed this year in El Salvador. 
“Family is everything,” says Paula, “I enjoy being able to help people – family, neighbors, friends – with what the earth provides us. Especially without the side effects of mass-produced medicines. I really like it!”
The tonic is all natural and takes about 2 hours to prep the ingredients, which are listed on the label: – Honey- Tumeric- Ginger- Lemon- Lime- Cinnamon- Black Pepper
Paula uses local, organic ingredients near her home. It’s a lot of work, and she’s proud of this work. The hardest part is peeling, cutting and smashing the ginger. “[Ginger] is a b*tch… especially when I do the lemon and limes next and their juices seep into my cuts from fighting with the ginger,” says Paula. “This is how you can tell that I love what I do.” 
Katherine’s Earthy Goodies Ginger Tonic Immunity Booster helps boost immunity to seasonal allergies and any cold symptoms. You can enjoy it with tea or eat it directly from the jar with a spoon, and this is my secret ingredient to my cocktails too! Place an order through the company’s instagram and enjoy an extra dose of healthy today! www.instagram.com/katherinesearthygoods. 

Honestly, it is so delicious!

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