Have you Heard of the Fanny Facial?

Have you ever noticed any breakouts on your bum? Have you experienced irritation, chafing or ingrown hairs. What about plans of wearing a new bikini to the beach only to realize that your bottom has a few pimples and blemishes. Well, recently Alessa and I visited this cute intimate spa that offered a somewhat different list of services.

Pronoia 11:11 is the name of the spa. The name itself was interesting to me, I looked it up and loved what I learned. It means that the universe is working in your favor. While 11:11 are angel numbers meaning whatever your actions, feelings or thoughts are to become manifested. All of that sounds good to me! Alessa and I were searching for spa services that could help with our concerns. Then we thought, if this is our concern how many others are having the same issues. So that’s when we decided to book treatments at the Pronoia 11:11 Spa. There were so many unique services offered and amongst them was the fanny facial. OMG! The universe has answered our prayers.

The Fanny Facial is just like your traditional facial only it’s not for your face. It is designed to treat ingrown hairs, heat bumps and breakouts on your booty. During the service you will receive a cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extractions and a soothing mask. This service is definitely going to combat any blemishes or breakout concerns. And on top of all of that it feels good! After receiving this unique service you will definitely be beach bum ready!

Amongst the many unique services such as the Vajacial and the intimate area skin lightening treatment, the Under Arm Detox is another service that I’d like to try. Clara the owner, explained that most antiperspirants have chemicals that are harmful for our lymph nodes preventing the natural detoxing process and clogging the pores which can lead to other pressing issues. It is suggested for anyone who is thinking of switching over to a natural deodorant to consider having the Under Arm Detox. After receiving the Fanny Facial or any service it’s recommended that you maintain your results with home care. Just like with any other facial service the esthetician will have a home care regimen ready for you. At Pronoia 11:11 most of the take home products are compised of natural ingredients. So before you head out for your next beach day or bottoms up poolside please go and see Clara at Pronoia 11:11. She has over 10 years in the esthetic industry and loves to share her knowledge of skincare with her guests.

Recently Pronoia 11:11 has added facial services performed by Muffin. All of the services provided by the lovely duo are delightful and fabulous at the same time.

It’s the holiday season but here in Florida, we have plenty of warm weather and sunshine. Which means there is no time better than the present to book a service at Pronoia 11:11 using our special discount code: BREP10

When you book a service using our special code you will receive 10% off your first visit!

You’re Welcome ; )


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