The Finished Piece

If you can remember several weeks back, I know that’s difficult sometimes to even remember yesterday, but I wrote an article on the big art piece I was making of my daughter Maelin.

Remember now?

Well I finished it! It took me several more weeks after that article. And when I thought I was done, I stepped back and realized I had more tweaking to do. My patience is one of my strong points but let me tell you my nit picking is annoying to all around me including myself.

I’m totally here to show off my finished piece because I’m very happy with the end result : ) Though I do want to show you how I elevate the piece by hanging it in virtual homes you only wish you lived in yourself.

Here she is in all her glory…………………

I wish I could say that I lived in any of these rooms; but who ever does HIT ME UP FOR AN ART PIECE WOULD YOU PLEASE? The app I use is ArtRooms. They have dozens of room layouts – kitchens, bedrooms, hallways; the choices and varieties are endless and is super easy to use. There is a free version that will embed their water mark upon uploading. If you don’t want the watermark – who does really? – the other option is a monthly fee of $7.99 or $59.99 for the year. I’m kind of obsessed, totally obsessed for that matter : )

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