Tone, Tone, Toner

I’ve always been a fan of the Thayer’s brand rose petal toner. It smells like a fresh bouquet of roses and it’s soothing and gentle on the skin. It was recently brought to my attention that Thayer’s now has a lemon scented blemish clearing toner. This lemon scented toner has Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera. Which means, it can help in the healing process of blemishes, while combating new blemishes from forming with its anti bacterial properties. But that’s not all, Thayer’s blemish control toner also has 2% salicylic acid. 
Salicylic acid is great for those who have acneic, oily skin. The salicylic acid breaks down the dead skin cells on the surface but also goes below the surface of the skin to clear trapped debris which causes breakouts and clogged pores. It’s a soothing and gentle exfoliant that minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores. Salicylic acid reduces excess sebum, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Did I mention that it has a fresh lemony scent?
Overall this lemon blemish clearing toner would be a great addition to your gym bags or lockers to refresh you skin after strenuous workout. Or even your bathroom vanity to use after your nightly cleansing routine. 
After cleansing and toning your face be sure to use a light moisturizer or your Vilót face balm! If you’re toning throughout the day remember to always use your SPF!


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