Nuts About Nuts

This nut bar is the perfect snack, dessert, or side. Full of metabolism boosting and brain fueling coconut oil and cacao nibs, enzyme rich honey, and nuts and seeds full of minerals, fiber, and protein to fuel your body and support healthy skin, goji berries as anti inflammatory and for glowing skin. And a handful of dried fruit and drizzle of chocolate that will satisfy sugar cravings, and take the place of processed protein or candy bars. Can I hear a yes please?

Combine about 2 and 1/2 cups of mixed nuts and goodies that were in the pantry: crushed coconut chips cacao nibs walnuts – chopped almonds – some sliced, some whole trail mix with sunflower seeds and dried fruit 1/8 cup honey 1/2 coconut oil nice quality chocolate – I used Lindt Excellence Intense Orange Chocolate smoked sea salt (optional)

Heat honey and coconut oil until combined. Toss honey/coconut oil through the bowl of mixed nuts. Flatten mixture in a small 9×13 inch pan. Chill for about 45mins. Slowly melt your chocolate and either drizzle over your chilled nut bar or dip away.

Although it’s packed with goodness, it is quite rich and a small quantity is good for me to enjoy with coffee. Next time, less dried fruit I think for this mix, because I would never say less to chocolate!!

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