Vi Peel Part 2

Hello everyone,

I have completed my summer travels and couldn’t wait to book the appointment with Lavender Skin Bar for my second Vi Peel. Upon arrival, I was greeted promptly and escorted into the facial room. Being that this was my second treatment I knew what to expect. My skin was cleansed and prepped then the Vi Peel was applied. I didn’t notice any tingling this time around. I was sent home after 30 minutes with my own personal post-peel package that came along with home instructions. The esthetician asked me to wash my face after 4 hours with the cleanser that was in the kit.

I noticed a few differences between the first Vi Peel and my most recent treatment. My skin showed significant signs of peeling on the 2nd day around my mouth, chin, and the area right below my eyes. By day 4 most of the skin around my mouth and chin had peeled while the skin on my forehead appeared to be darker (which is completely normal). On the 5th day, the middle of my face revealed new skin but as you can see in the pics I still had a little ways to go. I do not advise going out in public on this day. The looks and reactions of others were comical. Just between us, it was difficult for me to keep a straight face without laughing.

By day 7 the peeling process was over and my skin looked amazing. Acne scars were noticeably lighter and the hyperpigmented areas on my forehead had lightened as well. Overall I am pleased with the results and I can’t wait for the next Vi Peel. Each day I cleansed my face morning and night. Post protection cream was applied as needed. The soothe moisturizing effect really helped with the itching. Before heading out every morning SPF50 was applied. It was applied again in the afternoon.

I had to pause using my beloved Vilot for about 8 days during this healing time and used only what was given to me in the kit.

In about four weeks I will call the Lavender Skin Bar and schedule the third Vi Peel. This would conclude my series of treatments. So far I’m enjoying the results. In order to maintain my more even toned skin I’ll be using the Vilot face balm and Vi Peel SPF50 daily.

I can’t wait to see the end results thank you for joining me throughout this process. 

See ya soon! 


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