The Boho Rockstar

Megan is a singer/songwriter, fire dancer, model, wedding designer – phewee!

Any other talents I’ve missed? Music therapist – but that’s on the side.

You’re actively doing all the above? Yes. The fire dancing I haven’t been performing so much because there hasn’t been many events happening or music videos. The next time I perform fire it will probably be for my own music video, which was supposed to be shot and finished by now but everything got pushed back because of Covid. Then it became too hot, it’s a Western and I’ll be riding a horse. It’s just too hot to have the horse out day after day, we’re just waiting until it cools down.

Out of all your talents which brings you the most joy? That’s hard to answer. The music is number one, the music I’m writing now for the new album is finally progressing. All the songs tell my journey, the way I have written the songs, the way that my voice has developed. It has stepped up a notch and I am excited about this. My songs are inspirational and hope, it brings courage and inspiration to other people. So that brings me a lot of joy. The wedding design also. I have 2 parts of me, one that loves the rock & roll, the everything dark & skulls and the other loves the weddings and designing. I had a good time designing my website and setting up these photo shoots. Designing for brides also gives me so much joy. So I guess they equally bring me joy!

What style is your music? What’s your music background? What’s your current inspiration? My style of music is rock music but it’s a little like electro rock, I like a lot of synth sounds, but I’m bringing back a lot of guitar solos. I have an awesome guitar player and I bring back harmonies and trying to add depth to rock and roll like how it used to be in the 90’s but bringing it kind of modern. My favorite band is ‘Muse‘ from the UK, they’ve been together since the 90’s and they’re very rock but electro rock, a lot of synth sounds, a lot of wailing guitars and I get a lot of inspiration from them. As far as inspiration for my lyrics, I’ve just been kind of telling my story, telling my journey, telling how I came from a really dark place and how I got out of it and how my life is now and hoping to write these songs that can inspire other people to make changes in their lives and start to live a more positive, happy, fulfilling life.

What is the name of your band? I’ve been going by Morrison. After my last band, I decided I wanted to be a solo artist and then just have the band with me, so I have had the same band members since the beginning but as an artist I’m a solo artist not a band and I’m actually going through a name change right now because I’ve been releasing electronic music as ‘Megan Morrison‘ and the rock music as ‘Morrison‘ and it just doesn’t make sense. I want ‘Morrison‘ just be the strong artist name but the more I’ve grown into my music and myself, I realize it’s more personal and just like ‘Megan Morrison‘ to be my true self, I think that’s how I want to release all music. I’m kind of going through a rebranding right now with new photos, new bio, new everything, so when the album comes out it’s going to be a whole fresh kind of thing. Right now you’ll find my music under ‘Morrison‘ and you’ll find the two singles I have released under rock and then under ‘Megan Morrison‘ you’ll find the electronic music that I have and I have both coming out, more rock and electronic so I wanted to put it all together in one place, one artist name.

How did you get into wedding detailing side of things? I’ve been calling it wedding design and decor or wedding styling and then also interior styling and decor. How this all started was, I started making these giant dream catchers and I printed out little business cards and I made one for fun, a big one, out of a hula hoop and I posted a picture online and someone said “Oh my gosh, I want to buy that. How much?” So I’m like “I don’t know, maybe $150?” and she was like “oh my God yes!” so I shipped it to New York and then more people were asking about them, these are pretty time consuming, I’m going to have to charge a little bit more than $150 so then I just started getting orders. I started making them on my free time and put them up for sale. Then I started vending at Miami Flee and different places and word kind of spread and I was actually vending them outside the night club that I worked at and so it became this fun little side thing so I’m thinking, maybe I’ll turn this into a little business. I always wanted to learn macrame, so I made two little macrame wall hangings. This is fun I thought. The third thing I made was a huge, big backdrop and I found a tutorial online and there were certain parts I liked about it and certain parts I didn’t, so I kind of modified it but I’m still learning and figuring out, I mean I learned the basic knots, so I did that and then I started putting this stuff up online and I decided to join The Knot, (the wedding website), and a little bit of interest started and then I started to get some orders and decided “Okay maybe I should turn this into an actual business” so I start doing it legally because I’m just kind of selling them on the side so I opened my official music business last year, Morrison Music Incorporated, to release all my music and pay for the studio time and to have all that be official so then in the beginning of this year, I started the fictitious name ‘Nine Lives Designs’ underneath Megan Morrison Music and made it an official business and then just started doing this macrame and decided I wanted to try doing weddings so the beginning of Covid, I spent a solid month building the website and slowly getting photos and I set up a styled wedding shoot. I actually got booked to do this backyard wedding, which was the first thing and then from there buzz started to collect and I started to post everything on Pinterest and now all of a sudden my shop is getting all these views and some weeks I’m getting 10 orders and some weeks I’m getting 2, now I’m getting wedding inquiries every week on The Knot and Wedding Wire. I went up to Fort Lauderdale to look at a venue for a bride in March so it all just kinda fell into it and in the beginning of Covid when the stores started to open again I had to figure out how to do this better, so I’m Googling all kinds of stuff and I found all these wholesale stores, so I went and I created accounts at all of them and started finding little you know pieces, like the tall cylinder vases and things that are popular in weddings right now and started taking photos of them and adding them and saying we offer them, so now I’m doing a wedding in December and I ordered all these big gold lanterns and now like stuff is starting to pile up. My dream is to convert a little shipping container in the backyard to be my little design studio but right now we just have a little shed. So right now my music studio is also becoming my warehouse and boxes are piling up. Now everything is permanently setup in this like wooden kinda arch I built for the macrame making, but its right next to my computer where I make my music. Rope is expensive and it has almost doubled in price since Covid, its gotten a lot more expensive, so I’ve had to raise my prices a little bit and it’s very time consuming so I’ve been making these little pieces. I’ve been getting orders for 20 of them and those are good because I can literally sit on the couch and after I get home I make them. I know not to stress myself out, I put shipping time two to three weeks so I have plenty of time.

Do you have any online/social media people that you like? There’s Emily Faith that I like for macrame, she’s good and she’s funny. I find @justinablakeney from @thejungalow and Hugette from @disfunksionmag entertaining and inspiring women. It’s all been like a learning experience and especially with the wedding stuff. Google has been my best friend, just figuring out, like this girl for the wedding I’m doing in December, she wanted these gauze table runners in this like rust color like a very fall themed bohemian like I’m doing these bohemian rugs for her, for the ceremony, and then she wanted this kind of rust colored gauze, and I’m looking at it on Etsy and for the amount she wanted was $300 so I’m like “Wait a second let me look”, I found it’s made out of cheesecloth, then I Googled how they do this, it can be dyed, so then I found the RIT dye color chart to match, to mix different dyes to get this color, so I ordered the dye, found a different grades of cheesecloth so that was like another hour of Googling which grade of cheesecloth and then I found a roll of cheesecloth for, I think I got it for $80 and then I spent $25 on the dyes so all in all, a little over $100 for what would’ve cost $300, now I’m going to be dying yards and yards of cheesecloth but its all been a learning experience. What can I learn and how to make myself, and to me that’s how I’ve always been ever since I was little kid. I loved figuring things out and being creative, just making stuff, it just makes me happy and then that’s why I think that I love making my music but sometimes just that isn’t enough. I can’t really see the music that’s why I love the videos, making the music videos so much, to be able to actually make a craft and a product you can hold in you hand, that’s very, it gives me a lot of satisfaction. I like to challenge myself, “Okay I can do this, I can figure this out!” I was going into doing my first wedding, I got lucky that it was a very small wedding but it was like “Alright I’m kind of winging this but I made it through and she was happy”. She wanted these stormtroopers and that was so cool, pandemic backyard wedding with stormtroopers, why not? I’ve been wanting to submit that, the photos to wedding blogs and other platforms because it was so unique and a great idea for a small unique wedding.

What been your most rewarding moment? Ooohh, I think now what’s been really rewarding is getting to bring my music into the treatment center I’ve been working in and being able to bring awareness and hope to people that are struggling and I’ve had a bunch of people, and I’ve always opened up about my addiction on social media, people started to reach out to me, even like other artists and be like “I’ve been struggling” and when I’ve been able to open up about it and start helping other people through my music, that was really rewarding and it kind of gave me a purpose like “Okay, I think this is what I’m meant to do, this is the direction I’m meant to go in with my music”, like I decided that I wanted to be really open about it and not keep it a secret and that was scary but then once I did it and I saw how many people it was effecting and helping, it was like “Okay, I made the right decision”, so that’s been really rewarding. You know my past, I really struggled without it and I really struggled with self love and now that I’m able to love and appreciate myself, I wanna pass that on to other people and I want to help these people who are really struggling and I think the best way to do it, is through my music and I really look forward to releasing this album and telling my story and having these songs like the last song on the album ends with this big gospel choir and it’s just this really, like the album starts very kind of dark and very me and very rock and roll and then it just ends in this feel good like gospel choir song that’s like really just like gives you hope when you listen to it and I want to leave people feeling positive about their lives. This is the first time ever I’m releasing music and not putting a date on it because that’s just too much, too much pressure and then I’m never completely satisfied with the final product so I’m just letting it happen. It was supposed to be released last year but I’m glad it wasn’t because I’ve progressed and my voice has changed and just the content has changed and its really starting to sound like me.

What is your goal for the five year mark, like five years from now? Five years from now I would like to maybe have a couple albums out. I would like to be traveling around, helping, and just spreading around my music, not just in Miami but around the country, possibly around the world. We’ll see what traveling looks like in five years, and I would love for that to be my main thing but I also would love my design business and bringing decor into other peoples homes and events. I’d like to have an established company with a team to help, so yeah that would be my main goal!

For Megan’s music & videos: IG: @meganmorrisonmusic Website for 9 Lives Design: Pinterest: 9 Lives Designs IG: @9livesdesignco Etsy: 9 Lives Design Co

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