Underwater Fun

I’m on a creative streak since the beginning of the pandemic (who isn’t, right?). Although I am back at work full time, my schedule allows me to be arty in the mornings. From my last post you know I’m all about elevating my photos. Here’s how this art piece came about.

Frankie D (yup, that’s his nick name) and I were enjoying our pool time, always with a fun llama floatie and some tunes so my phone is always close by. What you may learn a long the way, is that Frankie D is super shy in front of every person outside of our house, but at home he’s a total ham. And I mean funny as hell and has no shame kind of ham. He allows his sister to record him too and you can hear them cackle with laughter for ages. I love that sound of them getting along!

I had an idea of photographing him just below the surface of the water with my iPhone. I was loving how the shots were coming out, with each photo there was a distortion of his face because of the moving water and bubbles. I then discovered that when he was in the patch of direct sunlight, the photo was even more clear, I was totally getting geeky excited. One more step; I changed it to portrait mode/natural light setting – my mind was blown. I knew at this point this was my new art piece that I had to work on. I was concerned that I would loose sharpness from printing an image from an iPhone so I took the image to Photoshop and saved it as I would a photo I was editing into a size that I knew I wanted to print. I had decided to print on canvas, and wanted it un-stretched (not already on a frame). The online place I order my prints from is Bay Roes. You have to download their software to be able to order from them. Not going to lie but I though I was doing something wrong the first time I ordered but you’ll navigate though it, if I can do it, so can you! There are so many options for printing and framing.

I ordered 2 prints and it took about 10 days. I will be ordering more, I just wanted to play with these 2 first to see the out come. To be honest, the first one was just a test. I had no expectations on this to work out first go. The prints to me were so sharp, clear and the quality blew me away. I was so happy.

I collected the items I needed during the 10 days of waiting. I ordered 2 types of glitter (then I blended them), 3D bubbles. I had resin (Nouveau) already in my arsenal. Don’t get me wrong I have a ton of glitter BUT I needed one that I thought would be transparent and glittery enough to replicate the shimmer of the water in the sunlight. I discovered 3D bubbles from an artist I follow on IG (Wynnmodernart), the second I saw them I knew they would be great to replicated the bubbles in the water. They are multi sized little iridescent glass balls. Some are tinny tiny though I sifted through them and only used the larger sizes.

Because I want all the Underwater Series to have the same look I needed to follow the same steps:

I make sure that I lay my canvas on acrylic, flat and leveled. Resin can be peeled off heavy plastic, but God forbid it touches anything else, it will remain there until the end of time. I mix 1:1 4oz resin and add a teaspoon of my blended glitter. I spread the liquid by my gloved hand carefully to the edges. This is where I forget to breathe. Resin is not the friendliest of mediums. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with it for years, and have had more fails with it than successes. Yet, I always go back to it. I torch it to get the air bubbles out. I scatter the 3D bubble to follow the line of bubbles he makes through his nose. I torch some more, I get obsessive about finding air bubbles (though in this case bubbles are welcome in certain areas), dust and pet hair that fall into your wet resin. You definitely DO NOT want either in your final piece. Once I walk away from it I don’t look back for at least 12 – 24 hours until it fully cures.

Check the video below for the final view of the piece, feel free to let me know what you think or if you can offer any suggestions on this piece or if you want me to write something specific!

See you next post!


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