Hey everyone, If you’ve been following my post then you probably already know that I’m doing a series of 3 Vi Peels. I’ve received 1 out of 3 peels. After spending the majority of my time outdoors while traveling, it only made sense that I hold off on the next two. I’ll continue when my summer travels are over.  I began searching for a product that would help maintain the results of the  Vi Peel.  A product that would protect and hydrate my skin. While scrolling through Instagram I came across a girlfriend’s photo and her skin looked amazing. It appeared smooth and hydrated with a nice glow, and you know how I feel about a glowing complexion!  I sent out a text complementing her skin and asked what she was using because her skin looked so great. My friend mentioned that her skin was given a boost and that Botox was no longer a desire. She noticed her skin had become more even toned with less fine lines. She spoke highly of the product and suggested that I give it a try, so I did!  After going online and ordering rush delivery the package arrived and it was love at first sight.


It came in this really cute tube that you twist as you use the product. It’s a balm, which I’ve never used on my face before. As my face was already cleansed and toned, VILÓT face balm was applied and I was sold. The balm glided on smooth and gave  a sense of dewiness all over.  As I massaged the balm in, I could feel the moisturizing effect right away. After a few weeks, I’ve noticed that my skin constantly feels hydrated .  My acne scars and dark pigmented areas are lighter, my skin feels more firm, smile lines have softened, and my glow is radiating! VILÓT face balm is my #1 most used product.  At this point I’m probably over using it, I love it that much!  But it’s not just me.  One weekend a girlfriend came to visit and expressed that she was burned while laying out on the beach. I gave her the VILÓT face balm to use and she immediately felt relief. It aided in the recovery and healing of her sunburn. Before flying back home, my friend made sure that her VILÓT face balm made the trip. 

VILÓT  is made with some very effective ingredients like Jojoba Oil, which is rich in Vitamins E and B along with minerals and antioxidants .

This amazing balm also has Calendula and Evening Primrose which help with dryness wrinkles swelling and redness.  My favorite ingredient is the Gotu Kola which is also called the herb of longevity. Gotu Kola helps with the skin’s healing process by improving blood circulation and also increases collagen production.  


Now I’m doing what my girlfriend did for me and I’m suggesting that you give it a try! Who doesn’t want a fabulous face balm that boost collagen, helps with premature aging of the skin, and is anti-inflammatory? It reduces the healing time from bruises and acne scars, fades away dark spots and fine lines, and enhances your complexion with an illuminating glow, all while hydrating and protecting your skin. Who could ask for more?

My girlfriend Alessa (photo above) also tried VILÓT. Look at the luminous glow of her skin! (no makeup at all)

Here’s the deal…….

I’ve reached out to the creative owner of VILÓT and we have a great deal for all of our readers. 

Log on to Vilótskin.com and use code bondiroadeveryday at checkout to receive a 20% discount.  You will  also find other amazing products from Vilótskin.com and grab access to the Vilót Skin Blog. 

Once you receive your very own VILÓT face balm please leave a comment telling me all about your experience with VILÓT. 

Discount code: bondiroadeveryday

I hope you’ll enjoy the VILÓT face balm as much as I do!

Thanks for reading!


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