Expecting my first baby!

For most of us, we are never ready to be parents. We would always find excuses to keep postponing this from happening, we tell ourselves that we want to travel more, have a better job, maybe a house, and the list goes on and on. In my case I never wanted to be a mother to be honest, it was not in my plan, I was afraid just to think about it. When I met my husband 5 years ago, he would always ask me how many kids I wanted? I’d be like, “I don’t want any” lol, he would always respond with such a loving face saying: “Why? It is the best thing that can happen to you! I imagine it is something super fun” and I would say with hesitation “well I don’t know, we’ll see I guess”.

After 5 years of us being together and seeing his cute expressions about the subject, he definitely changed my mind and we decided to give it a try and start planning for a baby! It took us more than a year to get pregnant, but finally on January 2nd of 2020 we found out about this big life changing event!

I am 7 months pregnant now, and it has been a very interesting period in my life. The first 3 months were super difficult, I was throwing up every day, and it was very hard for me to eat, but now I’m feeling great and my appetite is on point! This is definitely a period of a lot of questions, a lot of research, doctors appointments, and uncertainty, specially being pregnant during these hard times that we are all living due to COVID-19. I have made a list of advises for moms to be during this pandemic, and my top 3 things I can’t live without during my pregnancy, I hope is helpful and inspiring for all of you loving moms to be!

  1. There is no need of having a sex reveal party: Trust me ladies! Don’t let your relatives, social media and friends drive you crazy about having a sex reveal party, first of all is such an intimate moment that you only need you and your partner to enjoy it, you will have a lot of events to celebrate and have parties for. Don’t stress yourself and SAVE MONEY!
  2. Choosing your doctor and hospital: I was very worried about this because I wanted to have the best doctor and be at the best hospital, I asked a lot of my friends that have kids for recommendations about this subject and I found a place that I liked, I was so relax and happy about it! Three months after COVID-19 arrived to our lives and boom! I lost my job, and my SUPER EXPENSIVE insurance, I felt like the world was going to end lol, I cried for days, and was very worried, until my husband talked to me about getting Medicaid and not worrying about anything, he would always say ” the baby is going to be born no matter what doctor you have, stop worrying about it!” This was my biggest lesson during my pregnancy, to let things be, not try to control everything and be ready for any changes that may happen. I have a doctor now and I’m very happy and calm about everything, so don’t worry, relax and live one day at a time.
  3. Don’t stress out if you can’t have a baby shower!: One of the first things people are going to ask you is, when are you having your baby shower? I was thinking about this subject for a while, and we decided not to have one, specially due to COVID-19. I learned with this pandemic that you don’t need to have a baby shower to celebrate this moment in your life, the people that love you and care about you would find a way to give your baby a gift and make you feel special! Just register to your favorite stores, in my case I have chosen Amazon, trust me you will be more relax this way, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on decoration, enjoy what really matters and keep it simple.


  1. Actif Organics Prenatal Vitamins: I tried 3 different prenatal vitamins before I found this brand, I highly recommend them specially because it doesn’t have an after taste or smell. As I mentioned at the beginning, during my first 3 months I was throwing up everything, and I couldn’t smell anything strong, so taking my vitamins was a challenge. My hair, skin and nails are also very happy and the best part is that you only need to take one capsule a day, compare to my previous ones where I had to take two or even 3 daily.

2. Lymphatic Drainage Board: Keeping your legs in shape can be very difficult during pregnancy, and fighting cellulite is one of our biggest challenge during these 9 months. I started using this wooden tool at the beginning of my pregnancy and I am in love with it! like everything in life you have to be consistent to see results. To use it, I apply coconut oil to my skin and start massaging my legs up and down applying moderate pressure helping my body to breakdown fat and eliminate toxins.

3. Gua Sha Facial Tool: I am so in love with my Gua Sha jade stone board, I use it every night while I’m relaxing watching TV, use it the same way as the Lymphatic board. Apply any of your favorite oils to your face, I usually use almond, rose or coconut oil, massage your face in different directions applying light pressure. It is great to activate blood circulation and promote cellular and skin rejuvenation, it also improves elasticity of the skin and reduces wrinkles. There are so many to choose from, just make sure it is made out of jade stone. And the biggest secret is to be consistent!

For those days that you feel anxious, specially now that we don’t know what is happening or will happen is this world, I highly recommend reading this book, to guide and help you to always stay in the present moment, enjoying what you have now! Saying that, I love this quote by the one and only Dalai Lama:

”You are so anxious about the future that you do not enjoy the present. You therefore do not live in the present or the future. You live as if you are never going to die, and then die having never really lived”.

I really hope you find this helpful, there is so much information and things to do while pregnant that is very easy to be overwhelmed and confused, just listen to your body and always do what makes you feel relaxed and calm, since that is the biggest secret of a healthy pregnancy.

With love, Ana : )

P.S. By the way I am having a girl!

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