Meet our guest: Melissa She has a mission for beautiful and healthy nails

What inspired you to get into the nail industry and start this business? That is a funny story because I used to bite my nails! I guess I was bored so I bit them. My aunt in the Dominican Republic had a small place to manicure nails and I would see the ladies with their beautiful nails, I wanted to be like them. When my aunt finished work and was tired, she would let me manicure her nails. I just loved it.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to start a nail business? Patience and passion. It takes time to get clients and to get to the level you want to. Without passion I don’t think it’s worth it.

What are your top 3 favorite nail products? Luxa; I want to focus on natural nails and they have a great system that works for a beautiful finish. The Gel Bottle, Pecchi; are vegan and are not tested on animals.

What has been your biggest challenge making this business a reality? People and negative comments. At the beginning people would tell me I wouldn’t be successful or make money. But I think if you want something you just have to go for it!

Are you following nail trends? At the moment I am focusing on drawing art for nails. On natural nails, not on extensions or acrylics

How do you advise people to keep their nails healthy? Using oils! Nails can look bad if you don’t eat well. You need to moisturize them. You can consume a teaspoon of coconut oil, (especially before you work out, which also helps you burn fat!) It helps your skin and nails. Additionally you can take that same coconut oil and rub on your nails before bed.

What is one thing you wish people would know about going to get their nails done? I wish people would understand that yes, people make money applying acrylics and extensions but for me it’s not the best thing. After maybe 4 sets, then the clients may see that their nails are damaged. The best thing for me is to offer the best products to keep their nails healthy and natural. I can still add bling, just on natural nails : )

What makes you different to the other nail salons? I am honest with the products. I am trying to be different because I want people to get healthy nails but pretty. You don’t need to be using all those bad product to make your nails look beautiful.

What’s next for you? Well, at the moment I work from home but I don’t think I will be doing it here for much longer. I am looking for a space, so, I will let you know soon! All organic products on natural nails in the North Miami, Miami Shores or Aventura area. I make my own blend oils, scrubs and masks for hands and feet, eventually I will create a wax for hair removal and facial products.

What do you do on your free time? My husband and I just bought a house so I garden, and when I have time I make jewelry.

Are you following any Covid 19 rules? I use a shield as well as a mask and gloves. Clients have to come alone, so no children or pets. Clients wear a mask also. I sanitize everything (which is what I have always done), tools in UV lamp, files and buffs are disposable so after each client it gets thrown away.

For appointments and pricing please contact Melissa. @melynailstudio or cell: 201 245 6093

* Nail photos taken by Melisssa

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