Inspiration; where and who

At the moment, photography has most of my focus. I’m not a specific niche photographer, as they say you should be so you can master your field. I see that, but that’s not what I do. I get inspired by a lot of things- texture, color, black and whites, nature, astro and food. When I look at a flower, I don’t just look at it, I look to see if it has anything unusual about it, does it have an insect on it, do the petals or the leaves have a pattern, does the light shining through the petals offer a different value to it? I’m not sure I look at a flower like the normal person.

Hands down my favorite subjects to shoot are insects and flowers. I LOVE MY MACRO LENSES – I use it for insect, flower and food shots. With this lens I can get amazing details up close and personal. I’m kind of a self taught photographer, I have gone to a few seminars and small group workshops. The key is to take a lot of photos, constantly and consistently. I’m constantly asking someone to model for me, cooking or making something to shoot. I shoot in raw 99% of the time. Lightroom is my first stop to editing, this is where I adjust lighting and colors. If I need to do more like add something to the photo or take something out or add overlays, I use Photoshop or Elements (which is a limited version of Photoshop), I have access to both.

In my camera bag I have 2 macro lenses and I shoot with Nikon D750:

Sigma 105mm 2.8

Nikon 85mm 1.3

Now, for me to learn all of this I go to my trusty team of favorite teachers online. I have watched a ton of different people but these ladies and gent are my go-to. They each give me something different and give me different inspirations. Oddly enough, I don’t have a go to for insects! You’ll find my favorite 3 teachers on YouTube, Instagram, and obviously their website:

The Bite Shot – Joanie has an easy approach to teaching you how to use your camera and lighting specifically for food photography. She’s cute, speaks like a normal person when teaching technical things. I also have signed up for her artificial light course, which I have learned a lot from. She’s very easy to understand. I think her and I could be besties!

For nature and the outdoors, and for my own eye candy – Peter McKinnon is my go to guy. He’s energetic, funny and did I mention cute? He jumps between photography and videography. He’s just a cool guy who drinks a lot of coffee and just does really cool stuff. I just love him! I wish we had dated in high school.

Sorrel Amore is my other go to. She has created ‘the advance selfie’ term, trust me, it goes beyond the duck face with the reached out arm. GO CHECK HER OUT! I love her stuff because she does the best self portraits, pushes the envelope and I love her edits. She’s Australian, 100% quirky and she could totally be fun to have cocktails with!!

Just a few of my macro shots; to see more check out my website.

Mackerel Skin; looks like a painting
Pink Peony
Mr. Dragonfly
A Cute Bee’s Butt

See you next post,


2 thoughts on “Inspiration; where and who

  1. You sound like me, a self taught “jack of all trades, master of none” – but for me to focus just on one style would bore me, i like the challenge of learning something new. I think it makes you more interesting and diverse and I look forward to your next post. Following. Cheers from Tasmania.

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