The Beginning and Baring All

Hi there, 
 I can’t believe I finally made this post – naked and all!
 I wanted to have this forum for me and a circle of girls to post on who we are, what our strengths are and what we love to do. Collectively we are a bunch of strong ladies and hope we can share our knowledge to elevate ourselves and have a ton of fun along the way.
As for my own posts – you’ll see what my hobbies are and to the best of my ability I will share as much knowledge on that craft as I know. I do a lot of crafts, but as a teacher? I’m not so confident! 
 On my list: Crochet, photography, cooking and cocktails, resin, acrylic pouring, sewing and general DIY stuff.
 About me? I’m a planner – I plan everything before I do it. It’s annoying and I am not spontaneous in any shape or form. I can’t say V.I.R.G.O any louder, I’m guilty.  I think I’m hilarious, and I like to drink. Or is it I drink and then I think I’m hilarious? You tell me : ) You will get to know me more the more I post. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia and grew up in Sydney, Australia with an Indonesian mother and an English father. I am well travelled, and to me there is nothing more self building than traveling alone, I love it. My international travels slowed down after getting married in 2003 and having our 2 kiddos (Maelin and Frankie), however, now we do a lot of road trips and I hope they will get the travel bug too.
 I planned the self portrait photoshoot (insert) a year prior for our trip to Georgia but being in Miami too long I thought at least Georgia would be warm and Sunny in March. Nope it was nearly snowing and we were camping. I was NOT going to be naked in the rain and freezing temperatures. Fast forward 18 months, this time in November, hubby wanted to see the leaves change color so we headed back to the same park in Georgia. It was perfect, sunny and warm enough to be naked, lol. I dragged my poor daughter to be my wing-chick should a hiker or a bear be approaching. Both would be scared seeing me in my birthday suit. I admit that I look a little crazy in a mermaid wig in the forest naked, I get it. Disclaimer, the photo is color adjusted but I have not been Photoshopped – wrinkles, cellulite and nipples galore. I’m not gonna lie, I’m happy with how this shoot turned out.😀
See you next post.

Black Rock Mountain State Park, Georgia 
Nikon D750, 50 mm 1.8, ISO 160, f3.2. 1/80 sec

Girls – let’s get on it! 
Shakiti, love and style,


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